All Details About Suzanne Ocasek, Ric Ocasek’s Ex-Wife

Suzanne Ocasek became the talk of town after the lavish wedding with Ric Ocasek, the Cars lead singer and guitarist. Suzanne led a beautiful life with her ex-husband and they had two children from their relationship. Unfortunately, Suzanne divorced the singer after he was involved with a model while he was married to her. If you want the entire story of Suzzanne and how she is doing in 2024, here are the details!

Who is Suzanne Ocasek?

Suzanne is a celebrity ex-wife who became famous for her marriage to a famous singer of the Cars band. Suzanne met Ric at a public event and they were attracted to each other and started dating shortly after.

Suzanne was born in 1951 in Massachusetts, USA, and she focused on being a businessperson, before she settled with Ric Ocasek. Suzanne was an executive assistant and for many years, she has been running businesses, making her able to acquire a net worth of around $900,000.

After Suzanne divorced the lead singer of The Cars, she went back into running businesses and kept away from the spotlight. She has led a quiet life since then, making it tough to know how she is doing. Moreover, she is not on social media platforms, for her privacy.

Suzanne’s Children

Suzanne is a proud mother to two children, whom she shared with ex-husband Riz Ocasek. Suzanne was dating the singer in the late 1960s after meeting at a professional event. After dating for a while, the couple walked down the aisle in 1971, and they exchanged vows in a lavish wedding that many celebrities attended.

The wedding became a grand affair in New York, and as a result, Suzanne came into the spotlight. Suzanne had her first child, Eron Ocasek in 1972, after two years of marriage. The relationship was progressing very well and in 1981, they had another child, Derek Ocasek.

Despite having a beautiful marriage, problems started when the singer started seeing a model, Paulina Porizkova, who was doing a video for a song the band was about to release. As a result of the infidelity, Suzanne filed for a divorce, and in 1988, they went in different ways.

After divorcing his wife, Ric Ocasek married the 18-year-old model and author in the following years, and they spent almost three decades together, with two children. Paulina announced in 2018 that they had divorced.

Ric Ocasek Marriages

Ric Ocasek was an established singer who sang with The Cars band. He was the lead singer and guitarist in the band, and he garnered huge success throughout his music career. Ric was married and divorced three times.

From all the marriages, Ocasek was proud of six sons, two from each marriage. Ocasek divorced his first wife Constance in 1971, the same year he married Suzanne. His latest marriage was to an 18-year-old model Paulina, and they divorced in 2017.

Suzanne’s Career

Suzanne was an executive assistant before she married Ric. She was a homemaker for many years, but after the divorce, she started operating in business activities. She is believed to own and run a business, but the business is unclear because of her privacy.

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