Jeanne Burd Biography and life history

Do you know Lil Dicky? His fame as a hip-hop star and an American rapper puts him into the limelight and you can’t miss knowing him. Jeanne Burd is the mother of Lil Dicky and fans are curious to know more about her. For that reason, This post has gathered the available information about her and presented it in the below sections. Take a look!

Biography of Jeanne Burd

Jeanne Burd caught people’s attention after her son blew the mainstream as an American rapper. Before then, her popularity was not known and she was an ordinary American national. However, after her son hit a million YouTube views within 24 hours of releasing his first video for the “Ex-Boyfriend” song, people became curious to know more about Lil Dicky and his family.

Jeanne Burd was born in 1971 but the exact birth date is unknown. Her birth place is in the USA, making her an American. Jeanne has black hair and eye colors. She is a celebrity mother enjoying the luxury of her son’s fame.

Unfortunately, Jeanne is not an open book and she prefers keeping her details private. She hasn’t shared details about her parents and siblings. Moreover, we have no information about her childhood, education, and career. Apart from being a celebrity mother, her professional career remains unknown.

Still, Jeanne has not shared who her son’s father is. Even Lil Dicky never talks about his father. It’s wise to assume that Jeanne is not okay with sharing the details, leaving her as the only notable relative to the American rapper.

Who is Jeanne Burd’s Son?

Jeanne is the celebrity mother of Lil Dicky. Her son is an American rapper who also plays as a comedian. Lil Dicky was born on March 15, 1988, in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. He is an American rapper and has dark brown eyes and hair color. His zodiac sign is Pisces and his sexual orientation is straight.

Lil Dicky weighs about 77 kg and his height is 185 cm. Lil Dicky employs a comedic and satirical rap style and has quickly gained recognition and global love. Lil Dicky grew up in Pennsylvania and developed a love for singing thanks to the numerous hours he spent listening to hip hop.

Lil Dicky’s Biography

Lil Dicky is his stage name but his real name is David Andrew Burd. He attended the University of Richmond where he pursued a degree in Business and graduated in 2010. After graduating, he was employed as an accountant manager for an advertising agency based in San Francisco. However, Lil Dicky always had a passion for music and was determined to pursue it.

He started his music passion as a rapper and his debut music video in 2013, “Ex-Boyfriend” was a hit. It recorded over 1 million YouTube views in 24 hours. This success inspired him to work on his career and he released his first album in 2015.

Lil Dicky has worked on different projects since then and has a successful music career. He has collaborated with big names in the industry, including Chris Brown and his career is promising.





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