Reece Viola Hamilton Young & Glamorous Life

Reece Viola Hamilton Young & Glamorous Life

Reece Viola Hamilton is a tennis player and the daughter of former volleyballer Gabrielle Reece and surfer Laird Hamilton. Let’s read further about Reece, her life, her parents, and much more.

Quick Life Summary

Reece was born in October 2003. Her parents are Gabrielle and Laird. She is a tennis player and plays for America. She is currently 20 years old and is new to the game. She has played for the United States in the championships like Sharm El-Shaikh, Antalya, Jhajjar, and Fort-de-France. Though she is well known and lives in the limelight she does not use social media. She loves to keep her life private and secret from the world.

Why Is She So Famous?

She is famous for two major reasons. First, she is the daughter of a very famous volleyball player and a surfer. Her parents’ profession helped her to be in glamor and made her famous. Another reason is that she is a young tennis player and plays for her nation. So, she is also famous due to her career.

Reece’s Mom: Gabrielle

Reece’s mom Gabrielle was born on 6 January 1970 in  La Jolla, California, United States. Besides being a volleyball player, she is a sports announcer, fashion model, and podcast host. She is the only child of Terry Glynn and Robert Reece. Her father died in a plane crash when she was five.

Her father was a Trinidian. She attended Keswick Christian School in St. Petersburg, Florida. She moved to New York City to pursue her career as a fashion model and volleyball player. She played volleyball for several years and she played volleyball in the US as well as Europe.

She also played on the AVP tour for many years. Currently, she is a fitness icon and a social media influencer. With this, she holds a podcast also.

Reece’s Dad: Laird

Reece’s Dad Laird was born on 2 March 1964 in San Francisco, California, United States. He is the son of Zerfas and Joann. His father left his mother before he was born. They moved to Hawaii when Laird was an infant. Unfortunately, her mother died due to a brain aneurysm in 1997. He left his eleventh grade to pursue his career in modeling.

He was discovered by a photographer in Italian Men’s Vogue magazine L’Uomo Vogue which gave him a contract to shoot with actress Brooke Shields. He launched an affordable clothing brand named Steve and Barry’s in 2008 but unfortunately, it closed in 2009. He had a sponsorship from the French beachwear Oxbow Surfwear.

He is also an actor and has appeared in movies like Target, Groove – Requiem in the Key of Ski, and Riding Giants. He started surfing at the age of 17 but was not that much interested in surfing due to politics which his dad Bill faced in the game and pursued modeling.

Reece’s Parents Love Life

Reece’s parents married in 1997 and they together have two daughters. They all live as happy families sometimes in Hawaii and the United States.


Reece is a proud celebrity kid and a very well-known tennis player. She has followed the path of her parents and is pursuing a career in sports. She has all the support of her parents to make her successful in tennis.

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