All the Details About Chelsey Bakula, Scott Bakula’s Daughter

Chelsey Bakula is a celebrity daughter whose fans have been keeping a tab of her life since her birth. Chelsey was born to actor Scott Bakula and his ex-wife Krista Neumann, among two children.

Chelsey has a good bond with her parents and many people have confused who her mother is. Chelsey Field is Scott’s second wife, but she is not the mother of Chelsey. Chelsea Field is a mother to two children whom she shares with Scott, but Chelsey’s mother is called Krista Neumann.

Chelsey Bakula’s Bio

Chelsey Bakula was born in February 1984, in New York. She is the only girl to Scott and Krista Neumann but she has three other siblings, one adopted and two half-siblings from her father’s side.

Chelsey was lucky to be born into a family of entertainers and her mother is a former actress, writer, and producer who has been nominated for her good production work. Chelsey was born in New York, but they relocated to Los Angeles because of her father’s career as an actor.

Her father was committed to Quantum Leap, and she grew up in Los Angeles where her parents worked. Chelsey’s parents divorced later. As a result, she used to split her time between Los Angeles and Lowa, to spend time with her parents.

Chelsey was the only biological child that her parents shared, but they adopted a brother named Cody Bakula. Cody was born in 1991, and he grew up with Chelsey. While Chelsey followed in her parent’s footsteps working in the entertainment industry, her brother Cody works as a salesperson.

Chelsey has two half brothers from her father’s second marriage, and they were raised having a close bond. Wil Bakula was born in 1995 while Owen Bakula was born in 1999. Chelsey’s youngest brother, Owen is also an actor, dancer, and artist.

Chelsey’s Career

Chelsey’s career is something that many people are curious about, because of her father’s success as an actor. Her father won numerous awards for his work, and this has made people wonder if Chelsey continued with the family legacy.

Chelsey followed her parents’ footsteps and she is an actress by profession. Chesley began acting at a young age when she was featured in an uncredited role in Quantum Leap. It seems she never liked much acting and switched to theatrical Sinema.

Chelsey worked in numerous plays on Broadway, even appearing alongside her brother Owen, in Mother’s Edition of Broadway in 2017. However, it seems that she is not very active in acting currently.

Chelsey Bakula Marriage

Chelsey is a happily married wife to Robert Gray. Chelsey had been dating Robert for some time but her wedding details were kept off the limelight. On October 29, 2019, Chelsey took to her Instagram to celebrate her wedding anniversary but the details of the wedding are in the dark.

Additionally, Chelsey is a proud mother and she shares a child with her husband. Unfortunately, Chelsey has not shared her child’s details on social media because it seems she wants to give her child a normal life away from the limelight.


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