Sabu Howard’s Personal Life, Profession, Family and More

Sabu Howard is the oldest son of the famous American actress Traylor Howard and her ex-husband and her ex-husband Christian Narravo. Even though he is not involved in any celebrity-level industry,  The success of his mom is enough to make fans wonder about her little boy and the talents he has. Read on to learn more about him.

Personal Life

Sabu Howard lives mostly a private life hidden from the public eye. He was born on the 14th of November 2006 to Traylor Howard and ex-husband Cristiano Narravo. While his mom is best known for her many hit movies like Monk and Two Guys and a Girl, not much information is known about his father except that both parents got divorced just three years after their marriage. Sabu Howard has a little half-brother named Julien Portman who is 13 years old and whose life is as out of the spotlight as his.

Education and Career

Not much is known about Sabu’s Education but it is safe to assume that he may be pursuing a high school diploma as any other teenager. Whether he is going to adopt a private life like his father or follow in his mom’s footsteps into the glamorous spotlight of the acting industry remains a mystery.

Sabu’s mom, Traylor Howard

Traylor Howard’s career started way back when she was in High School when appeared in one of the “You Will” series of television commercials for AT&T commercials. But much prior to that personal hallmark, Traylor gave the world a sneak peek into her skills by appearing in a Juicy Fruit commercial while still in middle school.

Her major project started when she starred as Joy Brynes in the sitcom Boston Common From then on, as her talent grew to be more recognized, she started gaining more notable in many well-known series like Two Guys and a Girl, The West Wing, etc. In 1999  Howard made an appearance in Foo Fighters’ music video Breakout.

In 1991 Howard found love and married Cameron B and moved to Beverly Hills California. However, the love was short-lived as the couple called it quits in 1993.

Quite a while after, in 2003 Traylor Howard married a guy who preferred to stay away from the spotlight His name was  Christian Navarro and together they welcomed Sabu Howard into their family. Like Traylor’s first marriage, her betrothal to Navarro only lasted for three years, after which Traylor divorced again.

Traylor still gave love another chance and married the famous music artist, Jarel Portman with whom she had her second son Julien Portman.

Fun Facts

  1. Sabu’s Mom’s career took root when she was younger than Sabu.
  2. Sabu’s father is a wine merchant.


It is quite evident that Traylor Howard wanted her children to have a normal life away from the flashing cameras. She has quite succeeded in this aspect since the only picture of him on the internet is of him as a little toddler in the embrace of his mom. Traylor had once described him as a social and curious little boy.

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