Josephine Sievers

Josephine Sievers Where is Teresa Sievers’s Daughter Now

Josephine Sievers is Teresa Sievers’ daughter, known for her family making headlines in a brutal murder. Josephine and her sister were young when they cruelly lost their mother, and as if that was not enough, her father was arrested eight months later for her mother’s death.

Josephine Sievers was born in 2004, and she is the eldest in her family, followed closely by her sister Carmela, who was born in 2007. Since the homicide made headlines, the girls were given to her maternal grandmother, who promised to raise them until his father was released.

Josephine Sievers’s Mother

Dr.Teresa Sievers shook the state of Florida when news of her murder was aired. The homicide, which took place in 2015, placed Josephine’s limelight, as her father was further involved in the murder.

Teresa was a famous holistic medicine physician, and she was married to Mark Sievers. On June 28, 2015, Teresa Sievers was murdered at her Bonita Springs, Florida, home by two men who attacked her at her home.

The two men bludgeoned her with a hammer seventeen times, causing her death. The two men, Curtis Wayne Wright Jr and Jimmy Ray Rodgers, were arrested regarding the matter, and Wayne Wright was offered a shortened sentence to testify against the murder.

In December 2015, Mark Sievers was arrested and accused of orchestrating the killing. According to investigations, Mark Sievers was motivated to kill his wife because of life insurance money. Moreover, Dr Teresa wanted to take their children away, and Mark could not afford to fight for custody.

The three men who were involved in the murder were found guilty, and the court sentenced them. Wright was offered 25 years in prison for testifying; Rodgers was sentenced to life, while Mark Sievers was sentenced to death.

How Did Mark Sievers Plan the Murder of Josephine Sievers’ Mother?

Mark Sievers contacted his childhood friend, Curtis Wayne Wright Jr, who helped in executing his wife. Mark’s friend was having a wedding in 2015, and Mark attended the wedding, where he shared his marriage problems with Teresa.

Mark Sievers disclosed to Wright that he feared his wife could take the children away, and he was not in a better place to fight for custody. Mark shared with Wright that the only option he had was for his wife to die, and he offered to pay Mr. Wright to help in executing the murder.

Mark Sievers planned the murder alongside his friend, and he chose this option so he could claim life insurance money. There were five insurance policies on Teresa totaling $4.433 million, and it may have been the big motive behind murdering his wife. Wright contracted a third man, Jimmy Ray Rodgers, who he paid to help him execute the murder.

On the eve of the murder, evidence showed that Wright took a rental car and went to pick up Rodgers. They drove to the Sievers home in Florida on June 28 at 6.00 am, where they turned off the security alarm before leaving for a drive.

The two men went to a nearby Walmart to purchase trash bags, black shoes, towels, and wet wipes. After the shopping, they went to the Sievers’ home, where they spent several hours waiting for Teresa Sievers.

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