Marial Iglesias Utset Notable Works, Profession, Publication Insights, & More

Marial Iglesias Utset is a Historian and currently an invited Research Scholar at the University of Harvard whose research has brought to light many of the challenges still experienced by the oppressed and various minority classes today. She is the wife of the famous literary critic, professor, producer and filmmaker Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Education and Profession

Martial Iglesias Utset is the husband of the famous Henry Louis Gates. She, however, has made prominent contributions to society in terms of recognizing existing slavery.

For 25 years she was a Professor of Philosophy and History at the University of Havana, the very same college in which she earned her p.h.D in Historical Sciences.

Before her Doctorate, she pursued her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Philosophy at Moscow State University.

Notable Works

Utset has done research in fields that include Culture and Race in Cubans, Atlantic Slavery and African Diaspora Studies. She was awarded the Clarence H. Haring Prize, a quinquennial prize awarded to an author who wrote the most outstanding book on Latin American History. She won this prize for her book Las metáforas del cambio en la Vida Cotidian, History of Everyday Life in Cuba during the US military occupation (1898-1902). This book won her many other prizes too and has been translated into English and has been published by the University of the North Carolina Press.

Henry Louis Gates Jr.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. is an American literary critic, professor and filmmaker whose most impressive work to date was rediscovering the earliest known African American Novel. Over the years, he pioneered various theories of African American literature and played a hand in fighting racism to an extent. Not only can he be called a voice for the voiceless but also a voice for those who lost more valuable rights like their life. Gates’ huge strong contribution to the African American Community was somewhat sculpted by Nobel Prize Winner Wole Soyinka who was his tutor in Clare College. Soyinka persuaded him to take literature instead of history.

He has also written many books such as The Black Church, The Norton Anthology African American Literature, The Stony Road, etc.

His films and documentaries have won him Emmy awards ,Webby award and Voice art awards. His documentaries have always secured nominations for it is known to deeply touch his audience and move their hearts.

Fun Facts

  1. Marial Iglesias’ husband  was once mistakenly  arrested for disorderly conduct for trying to force open his door when it was jammed closed. Somebody saw him rattling the handle and filed a complaint. Henry Louis Gates claims it was a case of racial profiling.
  2. Henry Gates has his own YouTube channel that helps minorities find their roots.
  3. Marial Iglesias Utset’s husband was married to Sharol Lynn Adams before her.


Martial Iglesias Utset has made a Significant Impact not only on her career but also on that of the oppressed. Her book has been a beacon of hope for justice. It is only rational that she has more to achieve in life.

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