Jason Kolsevich Profession, Facts, Low Profile Life, & More

Several are the roles that Jason Kolsevich has taken up. However, he is famed for being the spouse of Paula Reid, an American journalist. Read further to know more about the life and profession of this celebrity spouse and discover what makes him famous.

Personal Life

Jason Kolsevich was born in 1983 in Washington DC, United States of America. He is married to Paula Reid, the couple got married in April 2018 and have a child together.

Education and Career

Jason Kolsevich graduated from West Chester University where earned his Bachelor’s in International Business. He then went on to pursue an MBA in strategy, finance and accounting from Peking University. He also has a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is currently a businessman, director, and management consultant at Water Street. His net worth is estimated to be around 5 million US dollars.

Water Street

His company Water Street is a strategic healthcare investment company founded in 2005. The company currently has 6 billion US dollars in Capital under management with 19 companies. It has 20 thousand employees all around the globe and has 5.2 billion US dollars in total company sales. Water Street is known to be a private firm that thinks like a healthcare company.

His Wife Paula Reid

Paula Reid was born on August 19th, 1982 in Akron, Ohio, United States of America. She currently works as the chief legal affairs correspondent for CNN. She studied at the College of William & Mary and graduated with a dual degree in English and Psychology in 2005. Afterwards, in 2008 she graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Villanova University School of Law and then completed her bar exam in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She further went on to receive a Master’s in Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Paula Reid’s Career

Paula Reid’s career began shortly after her education. She began working with CBN News initially as an intern. After which she was promoted to production secretary for CBN Evening News.  For a brief time, she worked as a digital journalist. She then became a CBN White House Correspondent, besides this, she has worked on CBS Evening News,  CBS This Morning and Face The Nation. During her time at CBS, she has covered several news i and government departments items, such as the Justice department in Washington DC, the 2016 Hillary Clinton email controversy, Unite the Right rally, Special Counsel Investigation of Robert Mueller, and Trump’s border policies.   the 2016 Hillary Clinton email controversy, the Special Investigation Counsel of Robert Mueller, Trump’s border policies and the Unite the Right rally. She also worked as a reporter for the White House in 2017. In March 2021, she then began working with CNN News where she currently serves as the chief legal correspondent.

Facts about Jason and His Family

  • Jason Kolsevich’s daughter is named Jordan Kolsevich, she was born in 2022.
  • Jason and his family currently reside in Washington DC and are Christians by faith.
  • Jason Kolsevich’s wife Paula Reid has made headlines with her brave reporting skills when questioning former US President Donald Trump.


Jason Kolsevich is a highly educated and skilled individual. He has taken up several challenging and demanding roles throughout his career. Besides having an exemplary career life, he is a supportive husband and loving father.


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