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Rebecca Vikernes Personal Life, Career, & More

Black metal lovers as well as people who love dark ambient music must have definitely heard of Norwegian musician and writer Varg Vikernes. He was born Kristian Vikernes, but later changed his legal name to Louis Cachet for several reasons. Though he has been involved in criminal activities ranging including murder and arson, his contribution to music cannot be ignored. Several sources as well as in personal interviews, he has talked about his daughter Rebecca Vikernes.

Read on to know more about the personal life, career, education details, parents, siblings and more about Varg Vikernes’ daughter, Rebecca Vikernes.

Personal Life

Very little details is known about the personal life of Rebecca Vikernes. In a tweet, her father, famous Norwegian musician described her as a “bastard child” from when he was 18 years old. Considering Varg Vikernes’ birth year, Rebecca could have been born sometime in 1991 or early 1992. However, there is no confirmed details regarding her actual date of birth.

Career and Education

Not much is known about the early education details as well as the current career details of Rebecca Vikernes. However, a tweet by the singer some time back suggested that she was working in Oslo. She was 28 years old then, and seems to have been living a successful and fulfilled life.


Rebecca Vikernes is the first daughter of famous Norwegian musician Varg Vikernes. She was born when he was a teenager, and he often describes her to be a mistake during his teenage years. There has been no solid information regarding who her mother is.

Parents Career

Varg Vikernes is a pretty famous Norwegian musician, guitarist and writer, known for his black metal and dark ambient styles. He started playing his guitar at the young age of 14 and when he was 17, he met the members of Old Funeral. He played with them during 1990–1991 and before embarking on a solo career. During 1992–1993, he recorded four albums under the name of Burzum. In 1992, he joined black metal band Mayhem as a replacement to bassist Necrobutcher. Following several accusations, he was incarcerated for a long time, and now has distanced himself from black metal.


In March 2021, Varg Vikernes had shared a tweet on the microblogging platform, saying that his wide had given birth to a seventh child, a daughter. This would imply that Rebecca Vikernes has six siblings in total, but not much is known about them. However, these are just speculated numbers, and the reality might be a tad bit different. Their names have not been made public information yet. This may be because the singer wants to protect his kids from the brutality of media and give them a protected and safe life.

Net Worth

Not much is known about the life that Rebecca Vikernes leads or what she pursues as her career. While not much has been confirmed about her personal life, she has a career in Oslo. However, considering that her father is a famous musician, she must have lived a good life. Varg Vikernes is worth about $2 million dollars – enough to live a happy and lavish life.


Not much is known about the personal life details of Rebecca Vikernes since she has stayed away from the limelight for most of her life. However, we hope that she is able to achieve her dreams and become successful in life. What remains to be seen is whether she will follow a career in music, like her father, or has different career plans.

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