Marley Rae Sterling

Marley Rae Sterling Personal Life, Career, & More

Marley Rae Sterling is better known as the first daughter of Eva Marcille Sterling and Kevin Lamar McCall Jr. Both her parents are influential celebrities. Eva Marcille Sterling is an influential celebrity in the field of music while Eva Marcille is an influential celebrity in the field of acting and the fashion industry.

Marley Rae Sterling’s Mother

As previously mentioned Eva Marcille is an influential celebrity in the field of acting and the fashion industry. She is also a very well-known TV personality who kicked off her career by winning in the third cycle of America’s Next Top Model.

Marley Rae Sterling’s Step Father

Eva Marcille Sterling and Kevin Lamar McCall briefly dated in the year 2014 and shortly broke up later. It was mentioned that both of them.  Although they did not love each other or stayed together for the reason of love they did try to work out things for the sake of their daughter Marley Rae Sterling.

But this did not be beneficial in any way and to worsen things Eva Marcille had to put with a physically and mentally abusive relationship with Kevin Lamar McCall. Eventually, she ended things with him and got complete custody of her daughter saying that he is not part of her life or her daughter’s life anymore and that is nothing but a memory.

Marley Rae Sterling’s Current Father Michael Sterling

Marley Rae Sterling’s current father is Michael Sterling who is a successful attorney. Eva Marcille Sterling and Michael Sterling got married to each other on the 7th of October in the year 2018. After breaking free from her abusive ex she seems to have found the love of her life.

Marley Rae Sterling’s Siblings

Marley Rae Sterling’s step-siblings are the children of her current father Michael Sterling. She has two stepbrothers namely Michael Todd Sterling Jr., and Maverick Sterling. Her first stepbrother Michael Todd Sterling Jr. was born on the 13th of April in the year 2018 on a Friday evening. Meanwhile, her second stepbrother Maverick Sterling was born in the year 2019 via surrogate. Michael Todd is only 4 years old and Maverick Sterling is only 3 years old making Marley Rae the eldest sibling of them as she is the oldest.

Marley Rae Sterling’s Grandparents

Marley Rae Sterling’s maternal grandparents are Michelle Pigford and Evan Pigford. Michelle Pigford is an African American, while Evan Pigford is Puerto Rican. There is not much information on Michael Sterling’s parents hence there is no information on Marley Rae Sterling’s paternal grandparents.

Marley Rae Sterling & Change In Her Surname

Marley Rae’s mother Eva Marcille was very particular about changing her surname from McCall to Sterling. She said she was feeling a variety of emotions including excitement and nervousness and was looking forward to changing her daughter’s surname at last. She also remarked that Marley Rae did not know about her biological father and thinks that Michael Sterling is her father by blood since he has been with her since she was 15 months old.


Marley Rae Sterling continues to grow among her beloved family consisting of her sweet mother, devoted father, and her adorable little siblings. She enjoys being dad’s little princess receiving all the love and growing up in a healthy and loving environment.

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