Osiris Adrian Amen-Ra J. St. Brown

Osiris Adrian Amen-Ra J. St. Brown Personal Life, Net Worth, & More

Many genres of sports are others which never fail to catch the attention of the people. Among them, football is the notable one. Several players are there who have come forward in front of the world and executed their talent through their sport. One such name is Osiris Adrian Amen-Ra J. St. Brown. Everyone is well aware of who he is. Yes, you got it right he is a famous American footballer who always plays at the wide receiver position.

In this article, the audience will get to know everything about Osiris Adrian Amen-Ra J. St. Brown. The upcoming segments will provide a precise idea about his early life, career and other important information.

Parents And Family

Osiris Adrian Amen-Ra J. St. Brown AKA Osiris St Brown was born on 28th April 1998 in Placentia, California. He was the second child of John Brown and Miriam. His father was a bodybuilder and had gained the title of Mr. Universe in 1980 and 1981. Two more members are also there in his family and that is his brothers named Equanimeous and Amon-Ra. Equanimeous was the older one whereas  Amon-Ra was the younger one. However, both of Osiris Brown’s brothers are well established football players. Equanimeous sports for the Chicago Bears on the other hand Amon-Ra is attached with the Detroit Lions of the National Football League (NFL).

Early Life

In the first half of Brown’s life, he attended a French school which was in Anaheim. Brown went there for almost 6 years. However, he had to leave because his family was about to shift to Paris. In 2009 he joined a public school. On the other hand, Brown’s love for football gradually increased when he used to go to his mother’s hometown in Leverkusen. Over there he gave attention to his favorite sport by joining the Bayer Leverkusen football school.

His training and hard work paid off when Osiris St. Brown got the chance to enroll on the U19 national football team. With this enrollment, his life changed and he came up as the winner of the  U19 American Football Vice European Champions in 2015. This title helped him to acquire a seat at the Mater Dei High School. He was also voted as the Most Valuable Player in the Trinity League in 2016.


During his college days, Brown used to get several opportunities and recruitment for showing his football skills. However, he was a four-star player and one of the top 300 players of his year during that period. This helped Brown to gain several football scholarships like Stanford, Arizona State, Boise State, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Notre Dame and so on. In 2017 Osiris St. Brown played for the Stanford Cardinal in NCAA Division I.

Net Worth

Osiris St. Brown has a net worth of approximately 1 million to 5 million dollars.


The above-mentioned paragraphs provide precise information about Osiris St. Brown’s life and career. Hopefully, this will be enough for the audience to gather to know who he is. So to know more about such personalities keep following this website.

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