Breanne Lafleur

Breanne Lafleur: The college sweetheart of a famous American football coach

Breanne Lafleur is a celebrity spouse who is blessed with a true love in her life. The name of the love of her life is Matt LaFleur, who is a famous American football coach. Breanne Lafleur was professionally successful before getting married to Matt LaFleur but she has sacrificed her professional career for her family.

Here, let us reveal the life information of Breanne Lafleur in detail that has probably never come out in public.

Personal life 

The exact birth date of Breanne Lafleur is not known because neither she nor her husband ever talked about these details. However, according to some reports, Breanne Lafleur was born in July 1983 and is 41 years old right now. Like her husband, she is also an American by nationality.

Moving on to the love life of Breanne Lafleur, she is one of those blessed ladies who get true love in their lives at an early age. Breanne Lafleur met Matt LaFleur when she was in college. Their love grew stronger with each passing day and today they are a happily married couple. When the two got hitched is not known but they are definitely having a happy and successful married life.

Parents and siblings 

No information is available about the family background of Breanne Lafleur and this is the reason you are unlikely to get anything confirmed about her parents as well as siblings. Let alone their personal and professional lives, not even their names are known to the public.


Today, the 41-year-old beautiful lady is the proud mother of two lovely kids and their names are Ty LaFleur and Luke LaFleur.

Education and profession 

Like many celebrity spouses, the educational background of Breanne Lafleur is a mystery to the public because her husband probably doesn’t like to make these details public. As far as the profession of Breanne Lafleur is concerned, she used to work as a pharmaceutical sales representative. However, she decided to take a break from her professional career after starting her married life.

Reason for the popularity of Breanne Lafleur 

After reading the article so far, even you would have understood what is the reason for the popularity of Breanne Lafleur. Of course, it is her husband, Matt LaFleur, who is a famous American football coach.

Net worth of Breanne Lafleur

With the fact that Breanne Lafleur is a stay-at-home mom right now, we don’t expect she would be having any net worth of her own. However, she was a professionally active lady before getting married and she must have earned good money during that time. Also, being a celebrity wife, she is getting to enjoy a luxurious life. As of 2024, her husband, Matt LaFleur, who is estimated to have around $7 million right now.


You will hardly find a woman who can sacrifice her successful professional career for her family and husband. We must say Breanne Lafleur is a different lady from others and is the strength pillar of her family.


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