Megan Harpe Biography and life history

Megan Herpe is a celebrity wife, famous for her relationship with Vontae Davis. Vontae Davis is a former American football player, and his many years in the sport have made many people interested in his affairs and those of his loved ones.

Davis played for the Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, and Buffalo Bills, and his many years in the sport enabled him to develop an attractive net worth with assets.

Megan Herpe’s Bio

Megan Herpe was born in Hampden, Conn, on July 28. Despite coming to the limelight as a celebrity wife, she has not disclosed her early details, including her birth year.

Megan attended the Loyal University of Maryland in Baltimore after high school. She has put effort into furthering her studies, getting a Law major from the University of Illinois. While in college, Herpe was part of the Olympic-style events group.

Megan Herpe’s Marriage

Megan Herpe is no longer single. In 2015, he walked down the aisle in the presence of friends and family members and exchanged vows with the love of her life, Vontae Davis. Davis and Herpe met at Davis’s hometown, Washington, D.C., while Megan attended a friend’s birthday party.

Davis was in a Street Lounge with friends while Megan was at the party, and they spoke to each other for the first time. Since then, they have developed a close bond, resulting in a marriage after dating.

Megan Herpe’s Net Worth

Megan Herpe is a celebrity wife but has not revealed her career. While her husband has played for the NFL for many seasons, she has not disclosed which careers she is focused on, despite majoring in law in college.

Megan’s career is unknown, although she lives a good life due to her husband’s attractive net worth. Megan’s husband is estimated to have a net worth of $39 million, which he has earned through many years as a footballer.

Besides the huge net worth of the footballer player, he is a real estate investor. He is recognized for his luxurious homes, which he bought in the early 2000s. Moreover, he has a huge collection of cars, including the latest Tesla, Porsche, and other models.

Who is Megan Herpe’s Husband?

Vontae Ottis is a famous former NFL player and Megan Herpe’s husband. Davis was born on May 27, 1988, and he played as a cornerback for various top teams in the NFL. Vontae played college football before the Dolphins drafted him in the 2009 first draft.

Vontae retired in 2018 after removing himself from a game during halftime, but many still remember him because of his football skills. While Vontae has had a successful football career, Megan seems to have worked in the mental health field after graduation before she relocated to Miami with her husband.

Megan Herpe Children

Megan Herpe seems to not have children as of 2023. Despite the celebrity being married for many years, she is not ready to have children yet. Unfortunately, Megan and her husband have not confirmed or denied having children in the future.

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