Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen

Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen Life So Far

Whether it’s a new born baby or an adult one the audience never puts their steps backwards to peek into their lives. It doesn’t matter to the audience whether the celebrities wanted to talk about their kids or not. This time the audience seems curious to know about a little kid named Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen. Her mother’s fame and power made her popular at a young age.

The article is presented in front of the audience to convey who Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen is. Along with her, a few lines will also be added about her parents because of whom she is famous.

Personal Life

Bernadette Rosemary Yeh Hagen was born on 30th March 2019. She is the daughter of Molly Yeh and Nick Hagen. She also has a sister named Ira Dorothy Yeh Hagen. Bernadette is just 3 years old and has just started her life. At this age maybe she has just started going to play school. Apart from this her parents also don’t reveal anything about her in front of the media. This is why nobody has a clear idea of what Bernadette is doing in the present day.

Bernadette’s Mother And Her Net Worth

Molly Yeh is a cookbook author from America. She is also a blogger and received prominence after hosting a Food Network cooking show named Girl Meets Farm. She was born on 22nd May 1989 in Glenview, Illinois, U.S. She was the second child of Jody and clarinetist John Bruce Yeh. Her elder sister is a chef named Jenna, however, Mia is her half-sister.

Molly Yeh completed her schooling at Glenbrook South High School and the Midwest Young Artists Conservatory. In her school days, she was part of two percussion ensembles named The Rattan Trio and Beat 3 which helped her to gain two gold medals in 2004 and 2005. She had won this under the junior division of the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition.

Molly shifted to New York City after high school to acquire a place in the Juilliard School. Over there she became the editorial assistant and writer at The Juilliard Journal. Corresponding with her work she also acquired a Bachelor of Music degree in percussion in 2011.

In 2016 she debuted in front of the world as an author with the book the Range: Recipes and Stories. The book gained much popularity and helped Molly to earn the IACP Cookbook Award in the next year. However, with a book in 2018 she came up with a series named Girl Meets Farm. Molly has also established herself as a prominent host and has hosted shows like From the Top and Spring Baking Championship.

In 2014 she tied a knot with Nick Hagen and announced her pregnancy in 2018. She gave birth to her second child in February 2022. Molly Yeh has a net worth of approximately  9 million dollars.

Bernadette’s Net Worth

The girl is just 3 years old and is fully dependent upon her parents. So how can anyone think of her net worth at this moment?


The above segments of the article depict all about Bernadette and her mother. Hopefully, she will also taste the essence of success just like her parents in the upcoming days.

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