Meet Jennifer Cumia – Anthony Cumia’s Ex-Wife

Jennifer Cumia is famous for being Anthony Cumia’s ex-wife. Her ex-husband is widely known for being an American radio personality and broadcaster. His career pushed him into the limelight, and after marrying Jennifer, everyone became curious to know more about Jennifer. What’s her career? What’s her biography? These are some of the questions people are curious to know about Jennifer, and in this post, we will try to answer them while sharing more insights about her.

Who is Jennifer Cumia?

Many people became curious to know Jennifer after she became the wife of Anthony Cumia, a former American radio host and video podcaster. Although Jennifer enjoyed her time as a celebrity wife, much of the information about her previous life, including her childhood, remains unknown.

Being in the spotlight didn’t push her to share her information. As such, we have no details on who Jennifer is or what her biography comprises. We don’t have her age details. Moreover, her childhood remains unknown. She hardly shares anything about her early life.

Despite keeping her information private, we know that Jennifer is an American citizen and of Caucasian descent.

Social Media Presence and Controversies

It is believed that before fame, Jennifer was from a humble background. She doesn’t have any known social media presence. She is modest in her ways, and social media is not her thing. We are still searching to see if we can get her online presence to know which accounts she uses and what her handles are for us to follow her and dig deeper into her life.

Jennifer has not hit the headlines for significant news. However, the main controversy that sparked the headlines was when she married Anthony. It is known that Jennifer met Anthony when she was dating his brother. However, it’s unclear how she switched from dating Joseph Cumia to dating and marrying Anthony Cumia.

Fans were surprised by how Jennifer dated the brothers, and many questions were asked, especially after Anthony married Jennifer. For many people, the thought of dating brothers was shocking. Besides, fans were curious about the impact of the marriage on the relationship between Anthony and his brother.

Jennifer’s Marriage

Jennifer was first in a relationship with Joseph Cumia. The two dated for a while before things went sideways, causing their divorce. It’s unclear why they divorced. Later on, Jennifer met Anthony Cumia, Joseph Cumia’s brother, in 1987, and they started dating.

Jennifer dated Anthony for seven months before they tied the knot. Their marriage went smoothly initially, but they divorced 15 years later in 2002. Jennifer didn’t share why they parted ways with Anthony. However, on different occasions, Anthony has commented that his marriage to Jennifer was the biggest mistake he has ever made.

Who is Jennifer’s Ex-Husband?

Anthony Cumia was born on April 26, 1961. He is famous for being a radio personality and a video broadcaster. Anthony was born into an Italian-American family and has two siblings. His net worth is estimated to be $8 million.



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