Kelly Murkey, Family, Net Worth, Career, and Ex-Husband

Kelly Murkey is a former celebrity wife who enjoyed the limelight because of her ex-husband’s career. Kelly Murkey was married to Benjamin Salisbury for almost a decade, and despite ending their relationship, they shared two children.

Before Kelly married the dancer and actor, her whereabouts were out of the limelight. She enjoyed the limelight for the seven years she remained married but disappeared again after her divorce was finalized in 2013.

The last piece of information about Kelly Murkey is her divorce from Benjamin Salisbury. Since then, she has enjoyed a private life, making it tough to tell if she is married. Here are more details regarding the ex-celebrity wife!

Why is Kelly Murkey Famous?

Kelly Murkey is among the few individuals who enjoy the limelight because of associating with celebrities. Kelly was formally married to Benjamin Salisbury, a dancer, and actor, which helped Kelly to come into the limelight.

Kelly met the famed actor and dancer in 2005 and started dating shortly after their meeting. Kelly led a happy life with her ex-husband, resulting in an even bigger family with the birth of their daughter and son.

Kelly welcomed her daughter Tanya Salisbury in 2008, two years after exchanging vows. Tanya has maintained a low profile like her mother, making it hard to tell who she stays with now that her parents are no longer married.

Kelly’s other child, James Salisbury, was born in 2013 when their parents divorced. James has maintained a low profile, and it is possible that the young boy is being raised alongside his sister, Tanya.

Why Did Kelly Murkey Divorce, Benjamin Salisbury?

Kelly Murkey and Benjamin Salisbury were married for seven years before they called it off. The couple led a happy life, but despite their life getting fulfilled through children, they divorced in 2013, the same year their son was born.

Kelly and Benjamin have shown their love for their children, explaining why they kept their divorce out of the media despite being celebrities. Kelly has never spoken about her divorce, nor has she ever revealed why they divorced.

Due to the couple’s high privacy, it is hard to determine who has custody of the children. Possibly, the couple I co-parenting their children.

Who is Kelly Murkey’s Ex-Husband?

Benjamin Salisbury is an American dancer and actor who became famous through acting. He started acting early, enabling him to feature in several roles. Despite having a successful career in the film industry, his roles in films started reducing in the early 2000s.

Some reports indicate that Benjamin Salisbury stopped acting when he married Kelly and went into production. Benjamin graduated with a BA in Broadcast Journalism and intended to have a career in broadcasting.

Benjamin worked with Mann Theatre in Plymouth, MN, and was looking forward to taking a career in politics and sportscasting. Salisbury has led a quiet life since his divorce, and it is unclear if he started his career in politics.

Additionally, Kelly Murkey has kept a low profile since her divorce, and it is unclear if she is a relationship, currently.






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