Marcia Kunstel Journalist Life, Personal Life, & More

Marcia Kunstel Journalist Life, Personal Life, & More

Marcia Kunstel is an American author and journalist. She is the second wife of Joseph Albright. We have discussed more about her life, career, personal, and education in the following.

Marcia’s Early Life

She was born in 1947, in Jackson, Wyoming, USA. From her childhood she aspired to become a journalist and work in the field of media. So, she completed her education in that field. Although she devoted her whole life to the media but she does not have a Wikipedia bio page. We do not have any information about her parents.

Personal Life

In 1983, she married Joseph Albright. Joseph was married to another woman named Madeleine Korbel Albright. But their relationship did not survive for long, Joseph divorced her in 1982. Marcia does not have any children with Joseph. Although, they have been happily married for a long time. They both came from the same professional background so they share a strong connection.

Marcia’s Husband Joseph

Joseph’s full name is Joseph Medill Patterson Albright, born on 13 April 1937, in New Orleans. He is a retired American journalist and author. He belongs to a well-educated family. His father, Jay Frederick Reeve was a lawyer and his mother Josephine Medill Patterson, was a reporter and also an airplane pilot. He has one sibling, Alice who became a screenwriter. Their parents parted ways in 1944 and his mother married the painter Ivan Le Lorraine Albright. He and his sister Alice went to live with their stepfather and took his surname.

He married his first wife Madeleine in 1959, who served as the 64th United States Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001. He has three children with Madeleine: twins Anne and Alice, born in 1961, and Katie, born in 1967. Then he met Kunstel at the Cox Newspapers after joining in 1976, and came into a relationship with Kunstel.

Joseph completed his graduation from William College in 1958. He did an internship at the Denver Post where he first met Madeleine as an intern, whom he married later. He joined Newsday in 1961, before that he was working for the Chicago Sun-Times. He also wrote a biography of Vice President Spiro Agnew “What Makes Spiro Run” in 1972. He was a correspondent for the San Francisco Chronicle from 1972 to 1975.

Marcia’s Career

She started her journalistic career just right after graduating from Ohio Wesleyan, in journalism. She worked in many newspaper industries starting from the Hartford times, moved on to the Montgomery Advertiser, and then entered the Atlanta Journal as a city reporter. She also worked as a freelance reporter. She got the opportunity to work as a correspondent for Cox newspaper in Washington in 1988. She has covered many wars in Lebanon and Chad, in Sudan and Afghanistan, also the U.S. bombing of Libya.

She has covered the release of Nelson Mandela too. She and her husband co-authored two books viz. “Their Promised Land” in 1990 and “Bombshell: The Secret Story of America’s Unknown Atomic Spy Conspiracy” in 1997.  She was awarded the Overseas Press Club for foreign reporting with her husband, in 1988. They won the Headliner Award in 1990.


Marcia Kunstel is a renowned journalist and author. She was an excellent journalist throughout her life. Her contributions in the field of media will be remembered through generations.

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