Sherre Gilbert Parents, Siblings, & More

Sherre Gilbert Parents, Siblings, & More

Sherre Gilbert is the second child of the Gilbert family. A family which is struggling for justice for their daughter Shannan Gilbert who went missing and found her body after almost 1 year. Let’s discuss more about Sherre’s early life, parents, siblings and more.

Quick Bio

Sherre Gilbert was born to the Gilbert family in 1987 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She is the daughter of the late Mari Gilbert. She is in the middle of the siblings, the late Shannan Gilbert the elder sister and the younger sister, Sarra Gilbert. She has another half-sister, Stevie. Since she does not disclose about her profession and her personal life on social media so we do not know anything. But she is advocating for the rights of sex workers like her sister through her social media accounts.

Sherre’s Parents

Mari Gilbert was an American citizen born on 22 June, 1964 in New York. She was representing her daughter Shannan’s case. She was an activist. By faith she was Christian. When Sherre and her siblings were young their father left them. There is no such information about her husband but it is said that she was in a relationship with Elroy J. Shulterbrandt. But they did not get married. Mari then settled down to Ellenville.

Mari used to work at a Walmart. Unfortunately, she had fallen victim to her own daughter, Sarra who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Sarra stabbed her mother to death in her apartment in Ellenville on July 23 2016. She was stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife. Mari was 52 years old then. Her character was portrayed by Amy Ryan in the 2020 Netflix film “Lost Girls.” This film is about the serial killing of sex-workers in the barrier islands of Long Island, New York.

All About Sherre’s Siblings

Shannan Gilbert was the oldest child of Mari born in 1986. She lived her early life in poverty. She started working as a sex-worker to earn money. She thought that she would be earning more in this field. But this decision resulted in the end of her life. On May 1, 2010 she went missing on Long Island after visiting a client. Police did not get any trace of her until 2011, when finally on December 13 her body was discovered in a marsh at Oak Beach. She was just 23 years old.

The interesting thing to notice was that police recovered the bodies of ten other girls along Gilgo Beach after a few days of finding Shannan’s body. Shockingly, four of the casualties were all sex-workers. Earlier, Shannan’s death was declared as accidental. But her family claimed that she was murdered and her case is related to the assassination of the girls at Gilgo Beach.

The younger sister of Sherre, Sarra, 27, who murdered her mother Mari is imprisoned now. She was sentenced to 25 years to life. It was her mental illness that drove her to kill her mom.


Sherre is very deeply affected by the incidents. She lost her two dear ones one after another. Even today, she appeals to the administration to reopen the case of her sister through her X account. She wants justice for her sister. We hope she gets the peace and happiness she deserves.

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