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Meet Artist and Actress Kerri Eisenberg

Kerri Eisenberg is the sister of American actor Jesse Eisenberg. She hails from a family that was into acting; all her siblings were actors. For instance, her sister Hallie appeared in several Pepsi commercials.

Early Life

Kerri Eisenberg was born on April 20, 1980, in Philadelphia to Barry Eisenberg and Amy Fishman. She grew up in a family that upheld Jewish traditions. Her mother did various jobs to support her family; she worked as a clown at children’s parties. Besides, Amy also worked as a choreographer and director at a high school for two decades. Kerri’s mother is still actively working, and she does not overly depend on her children. She is a teacher of cross-cultural sensitivity in various hospitals.

Kerri’s father, on the other hand, also did various jobs; he first worked as a taximan, and through his earnings, he was able to provide for his three children, including Kerri Eisenberg. He later worked in a hospital before landing a job as a sociology college professor.


Kerri Eisenberg attended East Brunswick Public Schools just like her brother. There is no mention of the exact schools she attended, but her brother studied at various schools. Kerri’s parents worked hard and saw to it that Kerri and her siblings got the education they deserved.

Career and Other Interests

Kerri Eisenberg is a diverse lady; she has worked and is still working in various fields. She is an actress and has appeared in some movies, including Spectropia, The Repair Shop, and Coming Soon. After appearances in those movies, Kerri kept a low profile, and she has not appeared in other shows.

She then ventured into other businesses; Kerri is a drag artist, an acting coach, song and screenwriter. She is also a director. Kerri has worked in the entertainment industry for a long time, but she has been doing things lowkey without igniting public interest. Kerri was the owner of a performing arts school in New York, and she is still working in the entertainment industry in New York.

Kerri is an animal lover, and she has been a vegan for most of her life; throughout her life, she has rescued several animals, including cows and cats. Besides, she is a loving person; she acted as a foster mother to several children, including teenagers. Generally, Kerri has done a lot of good in society, and she is still doing the same.

Personal Life

Even though Kerri Eisenberg is an actress and a public figure, she has managed to keep her details, and little is known about her love life. It is unclear if she is married; she has kept those details from the public. Besides, no details have been made public if she has any children.

Social Media

Kerri Eisenberg is active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram; she has an account where she shares some of her pictures with her fans. She uses the name Kerry Vera Lee. It is unclear if she is active on the other social media platforms, but she has her website.

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