Brandel Shouse

Brandel Shouse: A man who got publicity because of his love affair

Brandel Shouse is one of those people who have a much-talked love affair. He is best known for being the ex-boyfriend of American singer and actress Fantasia Barrino. Their relationship as well as their breakup grabbed huge media attention. Today, let us tell you all the life details of Brandel Shouse.

Here, we will discuss early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, love life, children, and all other such details about Brandel Shouse that have never come out in public.

Personal life 

With the fact that Brandel Shouse became a public figure only after getting into a love relationship,  nothing is available about his early life. Be it the names of his parents or his date of birth, everything is hidden.

If you talk about the love relationship of this American man, who he is dating right now is not really known but he is known for being in a romantic relationship with American actress and singer Fantasia Barrino in the past. The couple dated for some years and even had a child. However, their relationship ended with a separation and they are no longer together today.

Parents and siblings 

You are unlikely to get even a single piece of information about the parents as well as siblings of Brandel Shouse because he has kept all his family details away from the public eye.


Although the love relationship of Brandel Shouse with Fantasia Barrino has not been successful, he became the father of one child through it and the name of his daughter is Zion Quari Barrino, who is 22 years old right now and is a popular internet personality. Some time ago, Brandel Shouse landed in the news headlines because of the custody case of his daughter.

Education and profession 

Like the family background of Brandel Shouse, nothing is available about his education as well as profession. However, since he has dated such a big star in his life, we hope that Brandel Shouse must be professionally well-established.

Reason for the popularity of Brandel Shouse

As you may expect, the main reason for the popularity of Brandel Shouse is his ex-girlfriend, Fantasia Barrino, who is a celebrated American singer and actress and has achieved significant success in her life. In addition to that, his daughter Zion Quari Barrino, who is an internet personality right now also makes Brandel Shouse popular.

Net worth of Brandel Shouse 

Since Brandel Shouse has never bothered to reveal any details related to his profession and earnings, finding out his exact worth is not possible. We can’t even make any assumption regarding his earnings because his professional details are completely mysterious. As for the net worth of his singer ex-girlfriend, Fantasia Barrino, she is expected to have around $500 thousand right now.


The personal life of Brandel Shouse has been really unstable. His relationship with Fantasia Barrino did not end on a good note and he had to fight a case for the custody of his daughter as well.


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