Joseph Barrino, All About Fantasia Barrino’s Father

Joseph Barrino is a celebrity father who has enjoyed the limelight thanks to his daughter’s career. Fantasia Barrino is why Joseph enjoys the limelight, but it has come at a high cost for the father and daughter.

Joseph Barrino made headlines when he sued his daughter for $140 million for defamation. According to Joseph Barrino, his daughter portrayed him wrongly in a memoir she had released about her life. If you want to know the aftermath of the Sue for Joseph and his daughter’s relationship, here is the whole story!

Who is Joseph Barrino?

Joseph Barrino is a celebrity father known for being Fantasia Barrino’s father. Fantasia is an American singer and actress who came into the limelight after winning American Idol.

Joseph’s presence in the media did not come quickly, as he had to sue his daughter, which attracted public attention. Joseph claimed the reports by his daughter from her memoir were untrue, and he wanted $10 million in compensation.

Joseph Barrino is a happy man, married to Diane Barrino. Joseph has four children, including Fantasia Barrino, whose careers are unknown, except that of Fantasia. Fantasia and her father’s relationship is known, but considering the case was dropped later, the father and daughter must enjoy a close bond.

Who is Fantasia Barrino?

Fantasia Barrino is an American actress and singer famous for winning the third season of American Idol. Since the singer got the title, she has released several songs, making a name for herself in the music industry.

Despite the huge success that Fantasia has enjoyed over the years, she was a victim of a drug overdose because of the hard life she was battling with. The singer trusted everyone in her life, which turned out tragic because she signed contracts without reading the terms.

As a result of not knowing business at an early age, she lost a lot of money. And it made her depressed, and she even thought of ending her life. Fortunately for the singer, the lowest point in her life was her turning point, which helped her grow into a stronger lady.

Fantasia Barrino’s Early Life was Not Easy

Fantasia Barrino is a celebrated figure, but her early life was messy. While she was in school, she was abused by a boy, but despite the boy getting punished, she was bullied further by other boys, which made her transfer from the school.

Fantasia had a child as a teenager, but it never prevented her from reaching her potential. She fell in love with her baby daddy as a teenager, and the worst mistake she made was moving out of her house to stay with Brandel Shouse.

Fantasia felt Brandel was the only one who understood and loved her, only for the encounter to turn violent. Fantasia was a victim of domestic violence, and he used to beat her badly. The singer revealed in her memoir how her partner punched and choked him, and it devasted her that she would not recognize herself in the mirror.


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