Knox Atwood, All About Roman Atwood’s Youngest Son

Knox Atwood is a celebrity child who was born in 2021. Knox’s parents announced the good news of the newest family member through their YouTube posts and were happy that he had been born healthy.

During one of the shows, Atwood’s parents revealed that the name Knox was suggested by one of the family nurses. Knox is not the only one in the family, as he has three older siblings and one-half from his father’s previous relationship.

Knox Atwood’s Siblings

Knox Atwood is not the only member of his family. He has three elder siblings and a half-sibling from his father’s first marriage. Knox’s brothers include Noah, Kane, and a sister named Cora. Knox, the youngest family member, enjoys the love and company of his elder siblings.

Knox Atwood’s Parents

Knox Atwood is a proud young boy whose parents have done well in the entertainment industry. Knox’s parents are famous and known as YouTube influencers, and their vlogs are favourites, with numerous views and followers.

Knox’s parents are famous for their YouTube shows. His father opened three channels, and he became the second person with the most followers in his channel. Despite not posting for a few years, he has not revealed why he chose to do so, and he has continued to entertain his fans.

Who is Knox Atwood’s Father?

Roman Atwood, born on May 28, 1983, is the father of Knox Atwood. The YouTube star was born in Millersport, Ohio, and spent his early years working in the family business before fully venturing into YouTube.

Roman is known as a YouTube prankster, and his camera pranks have earned him huge recognition. Through his Vlogs, he has over fifteen million subscribers and billions of views, making him one of the wealthiest YouTubers in America.

Knox’s Father, Before Fame

Knox’s father had a passion for producing videos since high school. He began an independent career selling a series of DVDs called The Nerd Herd, which he sold on a tour. Atwood worked on various film projects for Columbus until 2010, when he chose to focus on his passion and channel.

Atwood decided to focus on comedy and created the Sketch Empire, a YouTube channel. Atwood married Shanna Riley from 2001 to 2008 and welcomed his son Noah in 2004. Atwood filed for divorce after his wife cheated on him with a friend while on a vacation.

Is Knox’s Father Married?

Roman Atwood is a family man and has been married to Brittney Smith-Atwood. Roman met his wife Brittney at his friend’s wedding, where he was the best man. Smith and Atwood began dating in 2008, and they exchanged vows later. They have been together for many years.

Roam and Smith share three children and have had a lovely marriage. Atwood proposed to Smith in 2018, and they walked down the aisle the same year and became man and wife.

Knox’s parents are YouTube influencers and have grown their brands to the most influential ones in the United States.




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