Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer?


In the world of crime investigation, Joseph Patrick Kenda is a name that resonates with many. As a retired lieutenant investigator for the Colorado Springs Police Department, he has an impressive record of solving 356 out of 387 manslaughter cases during his 23-year tenure. With his popular show “Homicide Hunter” on Investigation Discovery, Kenda has captivated audiences by recounting the crimes he investigated. However, recent rumors have surfaced regarding Joe Kenda’s health, specifically questioning whether he has cancer. In this article, we will delve into the latest updates in 2022 and address these speculations.

Is Joe Kenda Suffering From Cancer?

The question on many fans’ minds is whether Joe Kenda is battling cancer. While some rumors suggest that his nasal scars are indicative of malignant skin growth, Joe himself has not directly addressed these claims. As of now, there is no public information from Joe Kenda regarding any serious medical challenges.

Embracing Life at 75

Despite the swirling rumors, Joe Kenda, at the age of 75, appears to be enjoying life to the fullest. He radiates happiness, energy, and hope while spending quality time with his wife, Mary Kathleen. Mary, his high school sweetheart, has been by his side since they got married in 1967. Together, they are blessed with two children, Dan and Chris.

A Legacy in Television

Joe Kenda made his television debut in 1996 after retiring from his career in law enforcement. In 2011, his show “Homicide Hunter” premiered, showcasing the complexities of his 23-year investigative career and quickly becoming a top-rated entertainment program. Building on this success, Joe is currently working on a new show called “American Detective,” set to premiere in January 2023. Furthermore, in 2021, he wrote a biography titled “Executioner Triggers,” based on real-life experiences.

Unveiling the Mystery of Joe Kenda’s Nose Scars

Another topic of curiosity among fans is the origin of Joe Kenda’s nose scars. While neither Joe nor his spouse have commented on the circumstances surrounding these scars, speculation has continued. Some believe they may be the result of a malignant skin growth or a previous injury to the face. Given the risks involved in a career as a criminal investigator, it’s possible that Joe may have encountered an attack during his investigations.

Exploring Theories and Speculations

Online communities on platforms like Reddit and Facebook have discussed various theories about the cause of Joe Kenda’s nose scars. Some suggest it could be a result of a dog bite he experienced in his younger years, while others propose it may have been caused by an altercation with a drug dealer. One observer even shared a theory that Joe intentionally pierced his nose to enhance a disguise during a mission, but the attempt was unsuccessful, resulting in a crooked nose.

The Reason Behind Joe Kenda’s Departure from the Show

Addressing his departure from “Homicide Hunter,” Joe Kenda clarified that the decision was entirely his own. After the conclusion of the ninth season, he informed Discovery Channel that he would be leaving. The reason for his departure was simple: he felt he had exhausted all his stories and experiences, and it was time to move on to new endeavors.

Family Matters

While Joe Kenda is well-known for his professional achievements, his personal life is equally significant. He and his wife, Mary Kathleen, have two children: Dan, a former United States Navy commander, and Kris, a former United States Air Force major. Both children appeared in episodes of “Homicide Hunter,” including the series finale.

Joe Kenda’s Fashion Choices

As a television personality, Joe Kenda has also displayed his fashion sense. He opts to wear wigs regularly, ensuring he looks his best for his audience. Despite his changing appearance, his accomplishments as an investigator for the Colorado Springs Police Department remain the highlight of his career. Known as Lieutenant Joe Kenda, he has successfully solved an impressive 356 out of 387 murder cases.


In conclusion, the rumors regarding Joe Kenda’s battle with cancer remain unverified. While fans continue to speculate, Joe himself has not publicly addressed these claims. At 75 years old, he continues to embrace life alongside his wife and cherished family. As he ventures into new television projects, his legacy as a skilled investigator endures. As we eagerly await further updates from Joe Kenda, let us focus on celebrating his remarkable contributions to the world of crime investigation.

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