Hejsa Christensen Profession, Career, Net Worth, Life Updates, & More

Hejsa Christensen is none other than the “Darth Vader ” star Hayden Christensen’s older sister.

Though Hejsa’s career preferences struck a sharp contrast to her younger brother’s profession, she still succeeded in making a name for herself.  Read on to learn more about her.

Personal Life

Hejsa Christeneen is the second among the four children of Allie Christeneen and David Christening. She has three other siblings named Kaylen Christeneen, Hayden Christensen and Tove Christeneen.

From her mother, she has inherited a likeness towards books.

This ultimately encouraged the mother-daughter duo to write and publish their first book.

She resides in Ontario with her husband Giles, daughter, Taira and their various pets.


Hejsa holds an MA in Environmental Geography and an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC.

Profession and Career

Hejsa has acted in shows like Class of ‘96(1993), Top Cops (1990) and Eco-Challenge Fiji Islands (2003).

The Star Wars actor’s sister takes notable pride in the book  “Stealing John Hancock” written by her and her mother Allie Christensen. They discovered the fruitful nature of their work together when they were in-house writers for a film production company.

Hobbies and Interest

Hejsa seems to have a knack for venturing into extreme and adventurous sports.

It was she who made the phone call to her older brother Tove Christeneen asking him if he wanted to apply to the Eco-Challenge Fiji Islands. The next year saw her other siblings partaking with her in the televised challenge.

It was this event that ultimately helped her discover a love for writing when she wrote about her experience with her brothers on the show.

She has also documented her other extreme adventures, like trekking the Amazon Forest, crossing the Atlantic on a yacht, competing around the world in taekwondo, etc, through various articles.

These methods of documentation only fueled her love for writing.

Stealing John Hancock

The novel revolves around the protagonist, John Hancock who finds himself a victim of identity theft after a messy break-up. With a police officer after him, Hancock manages to befriend a hacker who promises to clear his name. However, discovers that his new friend is a con artist and tries his best to hide from his ongoing International Pursuit.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Hejsa won the Random House Hazlitt Award from the University of Britain Colombia.
  • In 2017, she was shortlisted for the EVENT Magazine Non-Fiction Contest.

Fun Facts

  1. Hejsa and her brothers partook in the Eco-Challenge Fiji Islands (2003) where they lasted for about 6 days and slept for an average of 45 minutes per night.
  2. Heja’s husband, Giles was a Yacht Captain who would often do multiple crossings over the Atlantic. During Hejsa’s first crossing, she swam with whales. Upon her second crossing, she ended up in a hurricane.
  3. Hejsa’s mother Allie Christensen wanted to be a writer ever since she was a child. She started writing her first book with a kerosene lamp while living in a log cabin in the wilderness, however, she shelved the project for the comfort of urban life as a corporate, periodical and speech writer.


Hejsa Christesen has an adventurous soul accompanied by a striking passion for writing. As noticed by her various hobbies, her goal is to live life to the fullest.

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