Dylan Nida Wiki, News, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Dylan Nida is the youngest son of TV Personality and Advocate  Phaedra Parks and her Internet Personality husband, Apollo Nida.

Despite the celebrity couple’s many ups and downs, it remains evident that the two parents have made a sincere effort to co-parent and be there for their kids.

Personal Life

Dylan Nida was born to Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks on the 8th of May 2013. He has an older brother named Ayden Nida who is three years older than him. As of today Dylan’s parents have divorced and Apollo, Dylan’s father is now married to Sherien Almufti.

Schooling and Education

Phaedra Parks has been quite diligent concerning both her sons’ educations. She has previously shared that Dylan and his brother study at an “elite private school” that costs a “hefty tuition”. She has shared that the school they study in provides a very gourmet and nutritional lunch with vegan options too.

Parks did admit that her boys are a minority in the school they go to. Given the fact that their peers share very different views from them, instilling values and educating them about racial and social injustice does at times prove to be quite challenging.

It is easy to grasp the pride Park takes over her children. She often shares the little milestones her children accomplish, in both extracurriculars and academics, in her Instagram.

Interests and Hobbies

Dylan has been described as his mom to be super creative with a deep fondness of arts, a stark polar opposite to his brother who is charismatic and aspires to be a lawyer one day.

Dylan also exhibits a passionate interest for Soccer, often representing his school in matches against other schools.

In 2020, Parks said that Dylan’s school was uniform optional which gave her the opportunity to shed light on Dylan’s interest in fashion. She said that Dylan was quite the fashionista and described him to be a fashionista.

He also holds quite an appreciation for sneakers, even going as far to always update himself on the latest trending pairs and ordering them online.

Fun Facts

  1. Dylan’s father Apollo Nida was sentenced to prison for a four year  money laundering scheme involving bank,mail, wire fraud and ID theft of more than 50 individuals. The total money laundered is estimated to be about $2 million.
  2. Dylan’s mom is an attorney with her own legal firm. She had represented various public figures such as Bobby Brown. She reported that she had no knowledge of the money laundering fraud that landed him in prison.
  3. Dylan’s parents dating history goes back way back to when they were in college. Parks has maintained that despite their divorce, they will always share a bond of friendship.
  4. In contrast, Apollo has once shared that Phaedra Parks was never there for him during his trial to offer any solace or support. He said that she did not show up for his sentencing.


From all the experiences Phaedra Parks has shared about her children on her social media handle, it is clear quite transparent that they both dedicate a lot to ensuring that both Dylan and his brother have the best life. Various wholesome moments of Dylan’s childhood are often documented on his mom’s Instagram handle.

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