Recalling Memorable Life & Death Of Michael Cormac Roth

Cormac Roth was the youngest son of the famous actor Tim Roth.

He established his name and career as a musician, composer and producer gaining recognition for his impressive talents.

Sadly, the young musician passed away at the age of 25 after a tragic battle with a rare cancer.

Family and Education

Cormac Roth was the youngest son of his famous father Tim Roth and his wife Nikki Butler. He had a half-brother named Jack Roth. He was  25 years old when he passed away in 2022.

Cormac was a graduate of Bennington College.

Career and Passion

Cormac Roth was a talented musician, guitarist, composer and producer. He has released a lot of hit songs, especially in his album Python.

Cormac seemed to possess a gifted ear for music as the beats of tracks would synchronize smoothly into an artistic piece.

His family has once reported that his love for music stretched back to when his guitar was bigger than him.

As seen from his Instagram posts he would turn to music for comfort or fun and loved his fans immensely.

It was clear that if circumstances were kinder, Cormac would have naturally deemed him as one of the top artists of today.

Diagnosis and Battle

Cormac Roth was diagnosed with a rare kind of germ cell cancer called Choriocarcinoma at the third stage.

He received the diagnosis in November the year before his tragic passing.

On the 14th of July 2022, the much-loved musician shared updates on his battle with cancer via Instagram. Along with the updates he also shared words of reassurance to others also suffering from cancer.

He had undergone multiple rounds: Chemo, High Dose Chemo, Medications, Transplants, Transfusions, Surgeries, etc.

The cancer had taken away half of his hearing and 60 pounds of his weight

Amidst all of this, the child celebrity still maintained an optimistic positivity quoting “It hasn’t taken away my will to live, or my love of making music”

Death of Cormac Roth

On the 16th of October, Cormac Roth succumbed to his cancer.

His family shared the tragic news of his passing with the statement:

“He died peacefully in the arms of his family who loved and adored him. He fought with incredible bravery for the past year, and maintained his wicked wit and humor to the very end”.

Cormac was described by his family as a wild and electric ball of energy and his spirit was filled with light and goodness. They also described him as the “embodiment of kindness” and “a gentle soul who brought so much hope and happiness to those around him.”


A few weeks before his death Cormac Roth posted a video in which he marveled at the talents of his fans and encouraged them to sink their teeth into whatever it is that they want to accomplish in life.

His last message to the world was “to do what makes you happy even if don’t always get to choose your destiny”


An outpouring of love and condolences and love were shared by his family, friends and fans reminiscing on the person he was.

The songs he composed stand to be little footprints left behind by him on earth.

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