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Carrie Astor Wilson’s Bio, Personal Life, Career, Father and Death

Carrie Astor Wilson was the daughter of an American businessman, yachtsman, and racecourse owner, William Backhouse Astor Jr. She was also part of the Astor family, a family that had achieved great success in the business world and politics in the 19th and 20th centuries. Carrie was born on October 10, 1861, in New York City, New York. She had four siblings, three older sisters, and one younger brother.

Personal Life

When Carrie Wilson came of age, she met banker Marshall Orme Wilson in the early 1880s; they two became friends and fell in love. Carrie’s parents did not approve of her relationship with Orme, but she still loved him, and they even got married. Carrie starved herself up to the point her parents agreed that she could marry Orme Wilson.

Carrie and Marshall exchanged their wedding vows at the Astor mansion in November 1884. The couple was happy in their marriage, and they were blessed with two children, sons Marshall Orme Wilson Jr. and Richard Thornton Wilson III. Carrie and her husband were together for over 30 years until Orme died in 1926.

Career and Other Interests

Carrie Astor Wilson was not any specific professional leader, but she had other interests in society. She was a social leader and also a member of society. At first, he was not involved in the societies, but after her marriage to Orme Wilson, he was more welcomed at the society, and she became one of the hostesses.

Carrie also served as the New York Women’s League for Animals’ vice president, and she was a member of the Colony Club.

Her Father

Carrie’s father was a prominent businessman, but he had inherited most of his fortune. He spoke against slavery and funded the Union Army. He was not into business as he focused on his racecourse and yacht. He often spent time in his yacht, and he later founded the Florida Yacht Club alongside sixteen other business people.

Carrie’s father was also involved in various projects in Florida; he participated in constructing several prominent buildings in Florida. He also purchased a big piece of land to build a town and named it Manhattan, which was later changed to Astor.

Besides, he also built several hotels, and this made the towns of Manhattan and other towns in Florida blossom. In general, Carrie’s father had a big involvement in the construction of many buildings in Florida. Besides, he influenced the opening of the tourist trade in the state of Florida.

Carrie’s father lived a good life, and his name has lived for years; his contributions to the state of Florida had enormous efforts on the state as it led to its growth. For everything good, there is always an end; William Backhouse died in April 1892, aged 62, due to an aneurysm. His body was laid to rest at Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum in Manhattan, New York City.


Carrie Astor Wilson died on September 13, 1948, in New York, New York City, aged 86. Her body was interred in Woodlawn Cemetery in New York.

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