senior homecoming mums

Senior Homecoming Mums: A Time-Honored Tradition of School Spirit


In the United States, homecoming is a cherished tradition that celebrates school pride and reunites current students with alumni. One of the most iconic elements of this event is the Homecoming Mum, a decorative corsage or floral arrangement worn during the festivities. In this article, we will explore the significance of Senior Homecoming Mums, their history, and the evolving trends surrounding this beloved tradition.

The Tradition of Homecoming Mums

Homecoming Mums have a long-standing history, dating back several decades. Originally, these floral creations were simple chrysanthemum flowers given by young men to their dates as a token of admiration and affection during homecoming dances. Over time, the tradition evolved, and the Mums became more elaborate and decorative, transforming into a symbol of school spirit and pride.

The Significance of Senior Homecoming Mums

For seniors, the Homecoming Mum holds particular importance. It represents their final year at the school, making it a sentimental keepsake and a symbol of their journey through education. Senior Mums are often more extravagant than those of other students, adorned with various accessories, trinkets, and ribbons that showcase their accomplishments, interests, and personalities.

Designing the Perfect Senior Homecoming Mum

Designing a Senior Homecoming Mum is an art form in itself. Students, along with their families and friends, often spend weeks planning and creating these elaborate creations. The Mum typically consists of a large silk flower, often in the school’s colors, at the center. Ribbons, streamers, and metallic accents cascade from the flower, creating an eye-catching and impressive display.

Personalization and Customization

What sets Senior Homecoming Mums apart is the personal touch each one receives. Students customize their Mums to reflect their achievements and involvements throughout their high school journey. Academic achievements, sports participation, club memberships, and other extracurricular activities are all proudly displayed on the Mum.

Beyond the Flower: Mum Accessories

In recent years, the tradition of Senior Homecoming Mums has expanded beyond the flower itself. Many students now incorporate small trinkets, charms, and even LED lights into their Mums, adding an extra layer of dazzle and uniqueness. These accessories not only enhance the visual appeal but also give seniors an opportunity to showcase their individuality.

A Sense of Unity and Camaraderie

Senior Homecoming Mums also foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among students. As they exchange Mums with friends and classmates, they form lasting memories and connections. Additionally, the process of designing and creating the Mums often involves teamwork, bringing students and their loved ones closer together.

Homecoming Day: Showcasing the Mums

On the day of the Homecoming event, excitement fills the air as seniors proudly wear their Mums to showcase their school spirit. The halls are filled with a vibrant display of colors and creativity, celebrating the achievements and milestones of the graduating class.


Senior Homecoming Mums are much more than just floral arrangements; they are a representation of school pride, individual accomplishments, and cherished memories. This time-honored tradition continues to evolve, embracing modern trends and personalization, while remaining a significant aspect of the homecoming festivities. As each generation of seniors adds their unique flair to the tradition, Senior Homecoming Mums will continue to be a symbol of unity, school spirit, and celebration for years to come.

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