Amiir Nelson

Amiir Nelson: A baby who died at the age of only one week and is still popular

Today we are going to talk about Amiir Nelson, who is a dead personality. He was only one week old when he died and is still popular even after more than 25 years of his death. Can you believe that? Well, the reason for that is the celebrity status of his father, Prince, who was a famous American singer and songwriter.

Here, let us take a moment to tell you all the information about Amiir Nelson including his early life, family, parents, siblings, death, and all other things that make him popular.

Personal life

Amiir Nelson was born on 16 October 1996, in Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States as the darling son of Prince and Mayte Garcia. Unfortunately, Amiir Nelson was born with a rare genetic disorder, because of that he could not survive and died just within one week after his birth. He took his last breath on 23rd October 1996. The parents of Amiir Nelson were badly shaken by his demise.

Parents and siblings

Amiir Nelson was the only son of his parents, Prince and Mayte Garcia, who got married the same year Amiir Nelson was born, that is 1996. However, their marriage was short-lived and it ended with a divorce just within 4 years in 2000. Today, the father of Amiir Nelson has died but his mother is alive and thriving in her professional career.

If you talk about the professions the father of Amiir Nelson was a renowned American singer, songwriter, and musician while his mother is a professional dancer and actress. With the fact that Amiir Nelson was the only child of his parents, he did not have any siblings.


Obviously, Amiir Nelson did not have any children. He was only 7 days old when he died.

Education and profession 

Talking about the educational and professional details of Amiir Nelson is also pointless because he was only one week old and he died. You obviously can’t expect him to have an educational and professional background at this age.

Reason for the popularity of Amiir Nelson 

Being popular at such a tender is not an ordinary thing. The reason that made Amiir Nelson popular right after his birth was his father, Prince, who was not just a famous musician from America but was also very popular because of his personal life. The father of Amiir Nelson was badly saddened by the death of his only son and had also talked about that many times.

Net worth of Amiir Nelson 

Amiir Nelson obviously did not have any net worth. If we talk about the net worth of his father, Prince, he left around $300 million behind when he died in 2016. His father had made all this money through his music career.


It was unfortunate that Amiir Nelson was born with a genetic disorder and died without living his life. Although he could not live long, he left a deep impact on the lives of his parents, who couldn’t get over his death for many years.

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