Reese Troup Family, Personal Life, Celebrity Kid Status, & More

Reese Troupe is the son of the famous 90’s celebrity couple Julie London and Bobby Troup. He is the fourth child among his six siblings. His parents made quite a name in their generation and paved the way for Reese and his siblings. Do read on to learn more about him.

Personal Life

Reese’s Troupe was born on the 28th of May 1963. Accordingly, he is 61 years old. Despite having two parents who were well settled into the norms of celebrity life, Reese Troupe chose to live the span of his life away from the limelight. He is the fourth child of the famous American Actor and Jazz Pianist Bobby Troupe as well as an American Singer and Actress Julie London. Both of them made songs that are still sung by the youth of today’s generation.

Education and Career

Not much information is shared on Reese Troup’s education but there is a high chance that the ‘Fly me to the moon’ singer’s boy may have gained notable academic qualifications from a reputable college in America. In terms of career, he seemed to have opted for a line of work that kept him away from the spotlight for many years. At the age of 61, it is safe to say that Reese won’t be following his parents’ footsteps to fame and never did seem to harbour much of an interest in the same.

Bobby Troupe

Bobby Troupe cemented his foot into the music industry with the song “Daddy” which stayed at number 1 on the Billboard Charts for eight weeks. While he served in the U.S. Marine Corps, he pioneered the first African-American U.S. Marine Band. During this time he also penned down the song “Take Me Away from Jacksonville” which is today the anthem for the Montford Point Marines and other areas.

Fun Facts

  1. Reese Troup lost his twin Jody Troup at the age of 47 in 2010 to a traffic accident.
  2. Kelly Troup, his sister passed away at the age of 39.
  3. His Mother Julie London and Father Bobby Troup acted alongside each other in a show Jack Webb, Julie’s first husband at that time, was producing.
  4. Even after Julie London divorced his wife, they remained close friends.
  5. Some of Reeses Troup’s siblings went to make a career in Hollywood, which they did, though it never reached the heights of their parents.
  6. Julie London had to stop singing as her heavy smoking and drinking habits had affected her voice control.
  7. All children including Reese were instructed by Julie London that no funeral would take place after her death.
  8. His Sister Stacy Webb passed away in a traffic accident too, a day after their mother’s 70th birthday.


Despite Julie London’s Public persona, she was a very withdrawn and private person. She withheld the reasons behind her divorce from Jack Web. This need for a life closed away from the public scrutiny seemed to pass on to Reese who ultimately chose to live his life less famous side of life allowing very little information of himself to be circulated.

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