Savannah Re Overton

Savannah Re Overton, Personal Info and Family

Savannah Re Overton is well known as one of children of the 70’s famous actress Jayne Kennedy

She was born in November 20, 1985. He name according to her father are based on the initials SRO which are intended to stand for (standing-room-only sold-out). The goal was to raise a daughter that is secure with a sense of “somebodiness” through the passing of the right moral, social, religious, financial and educational values. .

Career and Education

Today Savannah Re Overton can be described as a 37 year old practicing as a media literacy advocate, a professor, and a communication/media and liberal studies scholar.  She identifies herself as a leader who is creative, empathetic, and visionary, as well as a media research scholar and an innovative entrepreneur that has over the years built a rich multicultural and multidisciplinary background.

As of today, she is the Senior Director, Equity and Talent at Harlem Lacrosse.

She is recognized for her role in the CBC Music First Play Live in 2017. She is also known for her role in Life After TV Series in 2009. She also partook in the

Personal Life and Relationship

According to her mother Jayne Kennedy, the birth of Savannah was nothing short of a miracle after 227 hours of labor. She would describe Savannah as a girl very comfortable and in tune with who she was, who was not threatened by instability, and liked to dominate.

She is married to her husband of 3 years, Jaris Dwayne Williams since September 21, 2019 in Washington District, Columbia. The couple met in Syraccuse, NY in 2011 where Savannah was a graduate student at the Syracuse university whereas Jaris was a Resident Director. Their meeting was through a mutual friend Cory and as they say, the rest is history.


Savannah’s father Bill Overton is an actor and writer well known for his roles in Lord Shango in 1975, The Astral Factor in 1978, and Payment Received in 2019. He married Jayne Kennedy in 1985 and have been married to date.

Savannah’s mother Jayne Kennedy is a household name in the acting industry in the United States. She has taken the roles of an actress, producer , and a sports caster. Her net worth is estimated at about $2 million.

She has two sisters and one half sister. Prior to Savannah’s parents getting married, her father had a child with Ms. Parker from Friday known as Cheyenne Overton who is the oldest of the Overton children. She was born in 1982.

Kopper Joi Overton is the second born of the family is known as a social media coordinator. She was born in May 1989. She is currently taking up the role of an Associate Manager for Social Media and Public Relations for JAKKS Pacific.

Her sister Zaire Ollyea Overton born in September 15, 1995, is known for being a professional plus sized model. She has also pursued a major in International Relations at USC.

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