Wiltrice Jackson

Wiltrice Jackson, Personal Info and Relationship

Wiltrice Jackson came to the limelight following her relationship with Antonio Brown, a famous ex-NFL player. She was Brown’s second girlfriend.


Wiltrice Jackson is a hairstylist in Gibsonia, PA.  She offers her services through her online pages TRICEYJHAIRPA where she offers sells 100% Virgin Hair, quick , weaves, natural hair and sew-ins.

Personal Life and Relationship

Not much is known about the hairstylist except her association with Antonio Brown. As of today,  she is single.

As for her relationship with Antonio Brown that she is commonly associated with, the two started off in 2007. their relationship brought forth their daughter Antanyiah Brown. The two broke off their relationship but were still entangled in a fight over the the custody of their daughter.

Their relationship has also faced bitter exchanges with Wiltrice claiming Antonio Brown physically assaulted her. Besides the court custody entanglements and bitter fights, the two parents have been known to prioritize the welfare of their daughter. Wiltrice has expressed her keen interest in ensuring her daughter is good health, is well-fed, and gets the best education.

Her Daughter Antanyiah Brown.

Antanyiah Brown was born in March 18, 2008 in the USA and her zodiac sign is Pisces. She is the only daughter to her parents Wiltrice Jackson and her father Antonio Brown. She is an avid sports person who has great interests in baseball, basketball, and competing in the tracks and field.   She has also expressed an interest in rap owing to the opening of her You Tube channel where she uploads videos showcasing her rants, rap, and routine videos.

Antanyiah has four brothers; Autonomy Brown, Ali Brown, Apollo Brown, Antonio Brown Jr.

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