Mattie Denise Jackson Popularity, Social Media Presence, & More

Mattie Denise Jackson Popularity, Social Media Presence, & More

Mattie Denise Jackson is the daughter of American singer and lyricist Alan Jackson and writer Denise Jackson. Let’s read further about this celebrity kid’s life, her popularity, her social media presence, and much more

Short Bio

Mattie was born on 19 June 1990 in the United States. She attended the University of Tennessee with a major in creative writing. She is currently 33 years old and living happily with her dog Ryman. She runs a podcast on Apple Music. She has two siblings and she is the eldest daughter in the family.

Why She Is So Famous

Mattie is famous for three major reasons. Firstly, she is the daughter of very well-known singer Alan and writer Denise Jackson. Another reason is that she runs a podcast and is a social media influencer on Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, she is an author and has written a book which made her famous. So that is why she is so famous among the netizens.

Mattie’s Social Media Presence

She is actively present on social media. She is currently available on Instagram and Facebook. By looking at her Instagram, it seems that she is very famous among the netizens. She runs a podcast named “In Joy Life with Mattie Jackson” and is also an author of “Lemons on Friday”. She loves to educate people through her podcast and Instagram reels. She talks about how to live a joyful and happy life in her podcast. She is not that much active on Facebook as compared to Instagram.

Mattie’s Parents

Mattie’s Dad Alan was born on 17 October 1958 in Newnan, Georgia, United States. He is the son of Joseph and Mama Ruth. He is of English descent. He began writing songs in 1983. Jackson attended Elm Street Elementary and Newnan High School. After graduation, he joined the band Dixie Steel. He got his first job in The Nashville Network’s mailroom. Arista released Jackson’s debut song “Blue Blooded Woman”. He is famous for his genres in Neotraditional, Country Blue, and Grass gospel. He recently in 2017, released a song titled The Older I Get. His famous albums are “Thirty Miles West”, “Long Way to Go”, “So You Don’t Have to Love Me Anymore” and “You Go Your Way”. He married his love of life and high school love Denise on 17 December 1979 in the United States. They together have loving and cute daughters.

Mattie’s Mom Denise was born in 1960 in Newnan, Georgia, United States. She is a former flight attendant and elementary school teacher. She is a writer and has written books like Cu: It’s all about him. She and Alan started dating in high school only. She even appeared in movies like Alan Jackson: Good Time, The View, and Alan Jackson: Small Town Southern Man. She now devotes all her time to Alan and her family.

Mattie’s Love Life

Mattie’s first love Ben Selecman was an assistant district attorney in Nashville. They both got married in 2017 but unfortunately Ben died in 2018 while saving a woman on a boat in Florida. Recently, she has been engaged to her second love and partner Connor.


Mattie is a proud celebrity kid and followed the path or the legacy of her family to contribute to the music industry. Her parents helped her a lot in her success.

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