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Meet Bug Hall’s Wife, Jill Marie Degroff

Jill Marie Degroff is the wife of American actor Bug Hall. Degroff has not revealed any details of her early childhood, and it is hard to tell when she was born, who her parents are, and if she has any siblings. Jill is probably in her thirties, and she is enjoying being a loving wife and mom.

Personal Life

Jill Marie Degroff met in the mid-2010s; they were close, and with them, love grew between them, and they have been in love since. The couple got married in February 2017 at Encino, California, and have lived happily after since then. Jill is a mother of three beautiful daughters, namely Josephine Joy, Theresa Rose, and Bernadette Lourdes Marie. The three sisters love each other and like playing together.

Education and Career

Jill has been secretive about her educational details; she has not revealed to the public some of the schools she attended. However, there is a probability that she studied up to the college level. It is just that Jill has never mentioned which college she went to and the area she majored in. Moving on to her professional life, Jill has not mentioned what she does to earn a living, but given that her husband is an actor, she is provided with everything she may need.

Her Husband

Jill Marie’s husband began his acting career as a child actor, appearing as Alfalfa in the movie The Little Rascals. The movie was one of his first film appearances, and he won a Young Artist Award along with five of his castmates. After gaining national recognition following his appearance in The Little Rascals, he started getting more acting roles.

Bug appeared in other 1990s shows, including The Big Green and The Stupids. So far, Jill’s husband has had a great acting career, appearing in several notable shows, including Charmed, Justice Providence, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Criminal Minds.

In his personal life, Bug Hall has been a devoted Catholic since 2013. Besides, his whole family is catholic, and there is a possibility that Jill influenced Bug Hall to convert to Catholicism. Bug has been in the spotlight for other reasons besides acting; in 2022, he was banned by Twitter due to his posts that supported corporal punishment for minors and marital debt. After his Twitter ban, Jill’s husband went on to his Instagram and mentioned that the truth is never liked by many.

In 2020, Jill’s husband was arrested after attempting alcohol poisoning. He pleaded guilty to the charges that were presented to him, and he had to pay 1500 dollars bond to be released. He has been on the low for a while, and he has not ignited any media rumors among his fans.

Social Media

Jill Marie Degroff is active on social media platforms, especially on Instagram, where she likes posting pictures of herself and those of her family. From her Instagram posts, you can tell that she dearly loves and treasures her husband. Besides, she likes posting pictures of her children, mentioning how much she loves them and how lucky she is to be called their mom.

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