Novis Bradshaw

Novis Bradshaw, Personal Life and Family

Novis Bradshaw is the mother of the popularly known Terry Bradshaw. She was born in and died in at the age of 93.

Personal Life and Relationship

Novis was married to Williams Bradshaw and together they had two children Terry and Craig Bradshaw.

Her husband William was a welder in the navy. After his discharge he continued his welding skills at the Pensacola, shipyards, and the Fla. It is in Pensacola that he met his wife Novis , got married and later moved on to Shreveport. It was in Shreveport that Novis had her first born son Terry Bradshaw. When Terry was 7, the couple moved to Iowa.  When Terry turned 13, they would return back to Shereveport where they lived in a three-bedroom brick house with her family.

Her children describe her as strict and tough, athletic, and a very fast runner. Her athletic skills were well demonstrated while in high school where she played for the basketball team. She was ofetn recruited by kids in the neighborhood when they needed an extra player to play football. Her kids Terry and Craig attribute their athletic prowess to her.

On summer and most weekends she would drive her family 40 miles to Hall Summit LA to spend time with their maternal grandparents.


Novis Bradshaw was the daughter of Lula Gay and Clifford Gay and daughter in-law to Clifford and Estelle Bradshaw.

She had two children Terry Bradshaw and Craig Bradshaw. Novis gave birth to her first born son Terry Bradshaw September 2, 1948. He is a renowned NFL legend given the four Super Bowl title he won w between 1970 and 1983 while he was a quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He has also made several appearances on TV and film to which he became the first NFL player to get a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

She then gave birth to her son Craig Bradshaw in August 14, 1957. He went on to become a professional American footballer playing for the National Football league.

She also is the grandmother to Erin Bradshaw and Rachel Bradshaw from Terry Bradshaw and Charla Hopkins.

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