Kathryn Delorean: A beautiful daughter of two famous celebrities

Kathryn Delorean is a celebrity daughter from America, mainly famous because of her parents, John DeLorean and Cristina Ferrare, who both are renowned personalities today. Apart from that, Kathryn Delorean herself is active on social media and never misses a chance to share her awe-inspiring family pictures on her Instagram handle.

Today, let us reveal details of her life that might not have been talked about yet.

Personal life 

Kathryn Delorean was born on 15th November 1977 in the USA as Kathryn Ann DeLorean. The names of her parents are John DeLorean and Cristina Ferrare, who are American by nationality. Kathryn Delorean follows her parents in this context too.

Speaking of the personal life of Kathryn Delorean, she is a happily married woman right now. She got married to an American man named Jason Seymour. When the couple exactly married is not known but they have been together for the last 20 years and the love between them is getting only stronger with each passing day. Lately, Kathryn Delorean has dedicated a long post expressing her love for her husband on her Instagram.

Parents and siblings 

Kathryn Delorean is the only child of her parents, John DeLorean and Cristina Ferrare, who were married from 1973 to 1986 until their divorce. Though their personal life was not much stable, they both were quite successful in their professional careers.

Her father was an engineer and inventor who is dead today. On the other hand, her mother is an American model and actress. As for siblings of Kathryn Delorean, she has one brother named Zachary DeLorean, who was adopted by her parents.


Kathryn Delorean has been married for the last 20 years but she is probably yet to become a mother because she has never uploaded any pics of her kids on her Instagram and never talked about her motherhood journey either.

Education and profession 

These are the details about Kathryn Delorean that are here to come out in public. What did she study in her life and what she has been doing professionally is a secret to the public. Since Kathryn Delorean herself never talked about these topics, we couldn’t find anything even after a lot of research.

Reason for the popularity of Kathryn Delorean

The primary reason for the popularity of Kathryn Delorean is, of course, her parents, John DeLorean and Cristina Ferrare, who both are renowned personalities. However, Kathryn Delorean seems to be close with her father who is already deceased because she often shares her pictures with him and remembers him fondly.

Net worth of Kathryn Delorean

Since nothing confirmed is available about the professional career of Kathryn Delorean, we are not sure about her earnings and net worth either. If you talk about the net worth of her actress and model mother, Cristina Ferrare, it sums up to a total of around $20 million.


Kathryn Delorean is the daughter of two famous personalities but she has chosen a private and stable life for herself. The celebrity daughter has chosen peace over glamor in her life.

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