mccoy lee moretz

Who was McCoy Lee Moretz?

McCoy Lee Moretz was the father of American actress Chloe Grace Moretz; he was born in January 1957 to his parents, Charles Hugh Moretz and Kathleen Morris, in Newton, North Carolina. McCoy was not just known as the father of the American actress, but he had established himself as a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California.

Education and Career

McCoy Lee Moretz was highly educated, given he had more than two degrees. Upon completing his high school education, he joined the University of North Carolina for his pre-med studies. McCoy also attended the Medical College of Georgia, graduating with honors. He then did his residency and surgical internship at Emory University.

After completing his studies, McCoy started practicing privately in Atlanta before relocating to Beverly Hills. At Beverly, he started his company, F.A.C.E, a facial plastic group specializing in cosmetic surgery using traditional and modern surgical techniques. For most of his life, McCoy Lee Moretz worked as a plastic surgeon and was a beacon in the Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Later, he expanded his practice by co-founding Vitality Surgical Center in Hickory, North Carolina. The center offered cosmetic surgery, and he worked with Dr. Robert Rey. He was voted to be among the top American surgeons in 2012, 2014, and 2015 for his exemplary work in plastic surgery.

Besides, McCoy served in several associations, including the Alzheimer’s Association. McCoy Lee was not just a doctor but inspired several people, including his sons, who later ventured into the family business.

Personal Life

McCoy Lee Mortez was passionate about medicine from a young age; he was likable and easy to interact with. He was a true friend to those who knew him and cared for his patients fully. In his love life, McCoy Lee met Teri Duke, a nurse practitioner, and they fell in love; one thing led to another, and they married. In their marriage, the couple was blessed with six children; however, one of their children, a daughter named Kathleen Janette, died a day after she was born.

McCoy’s children have all established themselves in various fields, some in the entertainment industry and others in the medical field. Two of McCoy’s children are gay, and her daughter Chloe Grace has been in the forefront as a gay activist.

His daughter

McCoy’s daughter ventured into the acting industry at a young age; her older brother Trevor has supported her as he has been acting as her coach since she entered the acting industry. She has appeared in several shows in her acting career, including The Guardian, Dishonored, The Little Mermaid, and November Criminals. In her love life, McCoy’s daughter dated Brooklyn Beckham, but they broke up in 2018, and then she started dating model Kate Harrison.


McCoy Lee Moretz died after a short illness, but it was never made public what kind of disease it was. Upon his death, McCoy was 64; however, despite dying at that age, he had accomplished much as a doctor and an important member of society.

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