Iman Reid Biography and life history

Iman Reid is a celebrity because she is the sister of Storm Reid, a famous American actress who has made a remarkable name in the industry. Today’s focus is on Storm Reid’s sister. We will share information about her bio and other details about the Reid family, especially their celebrity sibling.

Biography of Iman Reid

Unfortunately, Iman Reid is not a fan of sharing her information with the public. Unlike her siblings, she prefers keeping her things private, including her social media accounts. No information is available talking about her education or early life.

Iman Reid is the daughter of Robyn Simpson and Rodney Reid. She has other siblings: Storm Reid, Paris Reid, and Josh Reid. The family was brought up under the care and morals of their parents, grooming them to become better versions.

Iman’s family understands and respects arts and entertainment. Their parents have supported their passion and interest in doing what they love and enjoy. Besides, Iman’s mother is a film and TV producer, which works to the advantage of the siblings as it allows them to follow their path easily.

Iman and her other siblings grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the family later relocated to Los Angeles, California, for better opportunities, especially in the entertainment industry.

Meet Iman Reid, Celebrity Sister

One of Iman’s sisters is a decorated American actress. Her name is Storm Reid, and she was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on July 1, 2003. Storm is famous for different TV films such as “A Cross t Bear,” “12 Years a Slave,” etc. The “A Wrinkle in Times” fantasy film mainly earned her the fame she enjoys.

Storm is the youngest of the siblings, and she began expressing her passion for acting at age 9. Luckily, her family relocated to Los Angeles, which gave her more opportunities to pursue her acting career.

Storm Reid’s Career

Iman’s sister started her acting journey at a young age. Her first TV film debut was in 2012 when she appeared in the “A Cross To Bear” film. Still, the other films she appeared in on 2013 added more reputation to her name. In 2016, Storm Reid also appeared in a 2016 science fiction, “Sleight,” which was a big success for her career.

Another big hit for her was in 2018 when she played Meg Murry in the “A Wrinkle in Time” film, which enjoyed massive positivity from fans. Storm has starred in numerous films ranging across different genres, including drama, thrillers, fantasy films, science fiction, etc. She is a talented actor and has made acting her full-time career.

Besides, she has won different awards. For instance, she won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress courtesy of a HB drama series she appeared in on 2023. The drama series was named “The Last of Us.” This award was a confirmation and acknowledgment of the excellent effort she puts into her acting to deliver the best.






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