Recalling Memorable Life Of Rachel Faucette Buck

Rachel Faucette Buck was the mother of Alexander Hamilton, the founding father of the United States of America. Read this article further to learn about Rachel Faucette Buck and her life.

Early Life

Rachel Faucette Buck came into the world in 1729, in Nevis, Saint Kitts. She was born to a French father, John Faucette, who was a Huguenot physician, and a British mother, Mary Uppington. Rachel Faucette’s sisters Frances, and Elizabeth, and brother Peter died due to an apparent epidemic. She has a citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis.


Rachel Faucette Buck’s educational background is unknown. However, her son, Alexander Hamilton, completed his undergraduate at King’s College. Later, he finished his Master’s degree at Columbia College.


Rachel Faucette Buck’s parents married her off at the mere age of sixteen in 1745 to a businessman named Johann Lavien, who was twenty-eight at that time. A year later, Rachel gave birth to her first child, Peter.

However, due to the problems in their marriage, Rachel refused to live with her husband, Johann. And, because of that, in 1750, under the Danish law, she was imprisoned. She spent a few years in the Fort in Christiansted, St. Croix, imprisoned in a 10 by 13 foot cell with a small window.

In 1759, Rachel’s first husband, Johann Lavien, sued her for a divorce by accusing her of adultery and desertion, which forbade her from legally remarrying.

Soon, when she was released, she shifted to the British West Indies. There, she met another man named James Hamilton, and they became a couple shortly after in 1759.

However, their marriage was not legal due to the law of that time. Rachel and James gave birth to two sons, James Jr in 1753 and Alexander in 1755.

Later, in 1765, James Hamilton abandoned Rachel and their sons, leaving Rachel to raise the children as a single mother.


Rachel moved to Christiansted with her sons, James Jr. and Alexander. There, she opened a store near the main port in Christiansted. She became a trader with tourists and sailors, selling and trading goods. Rachel gave her sons a quality life and a better education in both French and English.

Reason Of Popularity

Rachel Faucette Buck is popular due to her son, Alexander Hamilton, who served from 1789 to 1795 during George Washington’s presidency as the first secretary of the treasury.


Unfortunately, at the mere age of thirty-nine, she became a victim of yellow fever. The fever was incurable, and thus, after fighting to live for several days, she passed away on February 19, 1768. Her sons became orphans at a young age.

Upon learning about Rachel’s death, Johann filed a case in court yet again to refrain the children from inheriting any of their mother’s property. Due to the law at that time, Rachel’s entire estate went to her first son, Peter.

Lesser Known Facts

  • Rachel’s youngest son, Alexander Hamilton, became the Founding Father of the United States.
  • Alexander died on July 12, 1804, while dueling with Aaron Burr by a gunshot wound.


Despite the hurdles of life, Rachel Faucette Buck tried her best to provide her sons with a decent life. However, she lived a short life and passed away due to yellow fever in 1768 at the age of thirty-nine.

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