Arie Solomon Bio, Wiki, Lesser Known Facts, & More

Arie Solomon is an American engineer, he is also famed for being the husband of Jessica Holmes, an American TV personality. Read further to know more about the life and profession of this celebrity spouse and discover what makes him famous.

Personal Life

Arie Solomon is married to Jessica Holmes, the duo have two sons together, named Levi and Theo. He is an engineer by profession, he currently works at Bella Dahl managing Special Projects. Aerie is also known to have a career in fashion and home design. He completed his education at Florida Atlantic University and earned a BS in Finance and a BS in Finance, Marketing and International Business. After 20 years of international business in the fashion industry, Aerie switched career paths and became a contractor who helps people build their desired homes. He is the founder of a company named Noble Build along with his wife Jessica Holmes and Michael Drop.

The Noble Build Co.

The Noble Build Co. is a company founded by Jessica Holmes and Arie Solomon along with Michael Drop. The company was born when Arie and Jessica bought their first property in California. It was during their time working together on Arie’s and Jessica’s dream house that they realised the three of them had something special when working together and decided to form ‘the Noble Build Co.’ Aerie is a licensed contractor and Michael takes up the responsibility on envisioning dream homes and turning them into reality.

Today, the Noble Build Co is a home builders and design studio that works to create desired and livable spaces for clients in California.

Aerie Solomon’s Wife Jessica Holmes

Jessica Holmes is an American TV personality. She was born on November 17, 1976, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. She completed her education at the University of Central Florida.  She got married to Arie Solomon in 2015. After this, she became a loving mother to two sons,  Levi born in 2015 and Theo born in 2022. She began her career as an intern for Nickelodeon, during which she was offered to appear on air by a producer. She took up the offer and six months later appeared as a co-host for Slime Time Live. After which, she hosted 13 episodes for OLN’s reality television show called Bragging Rights.

She then moved to Los Angeles, during this time, her agent had submitted her application for a competition called ‘The Audition’ hosted by KLTA Morning News. The winner of the contest was to become a weathercaster. Jessica had won the competition by viewers votes and had become a weathercaster for the show. After which, she was promoted to a helicopter-based traffic reporter. When Jessica completed two years of being a traffic reporter, she was hired to co-host a new 9 am News show. Over time, she became the cohost for the 7 am KLTA Morning News broadcast. Besides this, she has also been hosting awards ceremonies such as the Oscars and the Primetime Emmy Awards.


Aerie Solomon is a creative and skilled craftsman, besides that, he is a doting father and a supportive husband. Both, Jessica and Arie are seen supporting each other’s careers on several occasions. Arie extends his work to the community to help people build their dream house.

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