Kelly Dale Anderson

Star Kid Life of Kelly Dale Anderson

Kelly Dale Anderson was born to Joni Mitchell, who’s a famous personality all over the world. She was born on February 19, 1965. There’s a lot of mystery about her birth and her parenting, which we’re going to tell you right here in this article.

Kelly Dale’s Educational Details

Little is known about her educational qualification and academic details. Still, she went to the Harvard University, George Brown College, University of Torronto, and The Bishop Strachan School.

Kelly’s Parenting

Kelly was born to Joni, but right after her birth, she was adopted by David Gibb and Ida Gibb. Because of a sudden change in her parenting, Kelly got famous by her new name Kilauren Gibb. Very less people know that her name at birth was Kelly Dale Andrson.

Details of Kelly’s Biological Mom

Joni is Kelly’s biological mom, who’s a famous personality, known all over the world. Joni Mitchell is a Canadian singer-songwriter, painter, and cultural icon known for her influential contributions to folk and rock music. Born on November 7, 1943, in Alberta, Canada, as Roberta Joan Anderson, she rose to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s with her distinctive voice, poetic lyrics, and innovative guitar tunings.

Beyond music, Mitchell’s talents extend to visual arts. Her paintings have been exhibited, and her creativity has transcended boundaries. She’s received numerous awards, including multiple Grammy Awards and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Kelly’s Biological Father

Kelly was born to Joni, who’s the wife of Brad McGrath. However, Brad ain’t a famous personality and he lives a simple life. It was learned later on that in the year 1997, Kelly was able to meet her biological father Brad McGrath due after linking herself to Brad via adoption papers and medical records.

Her Foster Parents

Kelly Dale was adopted by the pair David Gibb and Ida Gibb. So let’s see what her parents do.

David Gibb, also known as Hugh Gibb, was a bandleader, musician, and the father of the Gibb brothers, who formed the legendary music group Bee Gees. Born on August 15, 1916, in Douglas, Isle of Man, he was a pivotal figure in fostering his sons’ musical talents and paving the way for their success.

Gibb’s own musical background played a significant role in influencing his children’s musical interests. He was a drummer and bandleader, and his passion for music was passed down to his sons. David Gibb’s encouragement and support were instrumental in nurturing the Gibb brothers’ talents from a young age.

Ida Gibb (Kelly’s Foster Mom)

Ida Gibb’s life and background are not as widely documented as the Bee Gees’ careers. However, she was an integral part of the Gibb family and their journey in the music industry. Her encouragement and support, along with David’s, helped shape the musical inclinations of their children, leading to the Bee Gees’ remarkable success in the music world.

Ida Gibb, born Ida Maud Green, was the wife of Hugh Gibb, commonly known as David Gibb. David Gibb was the father of the famous Bee Gees: Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb. Ida and David were the parents of the Gibb brothers and played a supportive role in nurturing their musical talents from a young age.


So far we know that Kelly Dale Anderson was adopted by David and Ida right when she was born. No one knows the actual reason behind it. We also know that Kelly’s biological mom, Joni was also a famous personality, so the financial crisis is totally out of the picture.

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