Everything About Khadijah Sebei, Sami Zayn's Wife

Everything About Khadijah Sebei, Sami Zayn’s Wife

For those of us who love watching wrestling, I am sure you must have come across Sami Zayn, a legendary wrestler now under WWE. The Canadian-born wrestler has captured the hearts of many fans, and it is no wonder that many are interested in his personal life.

The wrestler recently wedded the love of his life, Khadijah Sebei, and he said bye to single life. Sebei and Zayn have been together for over a decade, although they made their relationship official in 2018.

Sebei and Sami Zayn are living their best life with their son, who was born around 2020. You have come to the right place if you want more details regarding Sami Zayn’s wife. Let’s start!

Who is Khadijah Sebei

As the name suggests, Khadijah Sebei is a famous woman of Islamic origin. Sebei became famous after she wedded Zayn, a wrestler now under WWE. Khadijah’s country of origin is unknown, although sources disclose that she was born and raised in Canada.

When Khadijah met Sami Zay, she never understood what her husband did. She thought wrestling was a hobby for Zayn, but with time, she realized it was his passion, and she chose to support him fully. In the 2023 elimination chamber against Roman Reigns, Khadijah accompanied her husband, and she supported him as he fought for the undisputed title. Although Zayn did not get the title, she offered support that any p[partner would ask for.

Khadijah Sebei Career

Khadijah Sebei is a professional editor, writer, and producer who has offered her skills to the television industry. Khadijah joined Concordia University, where he studied film production before she started working in film and television production.

She has done great work in film production, including Off Kitler, The Burden of Knowledge, and Drama, among others. She is talented in her work, and her enormous contribution to the industry continues to make a name for herself.

Besides being a producer, writer, and editor, she is known for her involvement in social and political issues. She is a member of a Montreal-based grassroots organization that advocates for the rights of immigrants and refugees. Moreover, she dedicates her time to writing about police brutality and racism.

Khadijah Sebei’s Marriage

Khadijah and Sami Zayn met in either 2014 or 2015. The exact event of their first meeting is not disclosed, but at first, Khadijah never understood what Zay was doing for a living. She thought he was wrestling as a hobby, but slowly, she discovered it was his passion and chose to be part of it.

The support of each other’s careers has been the promoter of their strong relationship, which led to their marriage. In August 2018, the couple held a small private ceremony where their marriage was officiated.

Sami Zayn talks highly of his wife and has always credited her with helping him improve his promotion skills and improve in the ring. The couple has a son who was born around 2020, and the couple has ensured he stays off the limelight.

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