Augusta Wilhelmine Lehrke

Augusta Wilhelmine Lehrke, Personal Life and Family

Augusta Wilhelmine Lehrke has been referred to as a mother to the worst serial killer to ever exist. By common description, she was a God-fearing woman that bored into her son the ideologies that sex is evil an dwomen are the key instruments of the Devil. By so doing, her son Ed Gein (famous American serial killer) became the most feared monster who would use the defilement of human bodies to derive an form of art.


Augusta Wilhelmine Lehrke was born in LaCrosse (Jul 21, 1878 – Dec 29, 1945) to Amalia and Frederick Lehrke who were German immigrants. She was one of their eight children. Her parents led a highly conservative life that was of great resistance towards change. As such, Augusta was brought up by her parents in the belief that all of human actions and thoughts were a result of sin and for this reason all humans be subject to eternal damnation.

Her misogynistic perspective of things is regarded as the key attribute to her son’s sense of insanity.

Today she is identified with several crimes including child abuse, misandry, misogyny, domestic abuse, torture, and xenophobia.

Personal Life and Relationship

On December 11, 1900, Augusta married her husband George Philip Gein. They would then give birth to their eldest son Henry George Gein and it is at this moment that Augusta realized the terrible mistake she had made. Her husband despite being a hardworking man was an extreme alcoholic who could not put the bottle down. However, based on her religious background she could not opt out of the marriage and slowly developed a resentment towards her husband. She would still go on to have her second son Ed Gein in August of 1906.

Her husband would later on pass on in 1940.


Augusta raised her children in an isolated farmhouse in Plainfield, WI with the aim of separating them from the evils of the city. She would force them everyday to read out bible verses, ban them from having friends, and refrain from sexual practices. It is also at this point that she grew the idea in them that women are evil.

Unfortunately, Augusta also lost her eldest son Henry in a fire that he and his brother had lit to burn marsh, leaving Augusta alone with her younger son Ed. In character, Ed was described as shy and socially awkward and these were traits Augusta took advantage of.

Augusta would also later die in 1945 after suffering two strokes, leaving Ed heavily distraught. Eighteen months after this, Ed would start his collection of dead people’s skin and body parts of women around his mother’s age to memorialize her.  This would then turn into the scouting, stalking, and murdering of women that resembled his mom.

His heinous acts would later be discovered after there was a rising number of people disappearing people in the town. He was arrested and put in an asylum on the claim of insanity. He also later died  in On July 26, 1984, from dementia, cancer, and respiratory failure.

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