Jakobi Wilburn

Jakobi Wilburn: A young boy from America famous because of his rapper father

Jakobi Wilburn is a young celebrity son from America who is enjoying the popularity and stardom of his father, Future, who is a singing sensation from America and is quite famous as a rapper. However, today we are not here to talk about this rapping wizard but about his son, Jakobi Wilburn.

So, read this article if you are interested in learning all the life details of Jakobi Wilburn such as his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, love life, and other such details.

Personal life 

Jakobi Wilburn was born on 13th June 2002 to Future and Jessica Smith. Other than this, no information is available about his early life. If you are curious to find some information about the love life of this 20-year-old young American lad, let us be straightforward and tell you nothing is available about it either. The dashing boy might be dating someone but he has kept all these details behind the curtains.

Parents and siblings

Jakobi Wilburn is the only child of his parents, Future and Jessica Smith. There is nothing available about the personal lives of his parents. It is not even confirmed whether they ever got married or had a casual relationship only. However, one thing is confirmed that they are no longer together. If you talk about their professions, you already know that the father of Jakobi Wilburn is a rapper but nothing is available about his mother.

If you talk about siblings of Jakobi Wilburns, he does not have any siblings because his father has 7 children from 7 different women. Given the fact, Jakobi Wilburn has 6 step-siblings from his father.


Jakobi Wilburn is at the age to make his career right now and he does not have any kids because no such information is available.

Education and profession 

No details are available about the educational background of Jakobi Wilburn because neither he nor his father ever revealed these details to the public. With the fact that he is already 21 years old, it can be said that he must be a college-going student. As for the profession of Jakobi Wilburn, he must be looking forward to starting his journey in this aspect of life.

Reason for the popularity of Jakobi Wilburn

As you might have guessed after reading the article so far, the only reason for the popularity of Jakobi Wilburn is his father, Future, who is a famous American rapper and remains in the news headlines not just for his professional but also for personal reasons.

Net worth of Jakobi Wilburn 

Since the professional details of Jakobi Wilburn are unknown to the public, nothing is known about his net worth either. As far as the net worth of his musician father is concerned, he is estimated to have around $50 million.


So for Jakobi Wilburn must have decided his career path but he has not made it public. We just hope that he will do something big like his father.

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