Katherine Bertsch Low Profile Life, Lesser Known Facts, Kids’ Success, & More

Katherine Bertsch is an American celebrity mother of Emily Compango, a television host, and an attorney. Read this article further to learn more about Katherine Bertsch and her life.

Personal Life

Katherine Bertsch is of German, English, and Bohemian descent. She was born and raised in the United States in a mixed-descent family. Katherine married John Compagno, who is of Italian descent and belongs to Sicily. The couple later moved to Oakland, California, United States. They gave birth to three healthy daughters, Julietta, Natalie, and Emily.


There is not much information about Katherine’s educational background. However, her daughters are well-educated.

Julietta completed her education at a local high school before attending the University of Washington and Seattle University.

Natalie completed her undergraduate degree in communications from the University of Southern California.

Emily completed her graduation with a B.A. in political science at the University of Washington and has a J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law.


Katherine Bertsch was a homemaker. However, her husband was a director of a blood bank. Her eldest daughter, Julietta, is a parent coach and school psychologist. Katherine’s middle child, Natalie, is a former actress and a world traveler. Her youngest, Emily, is an attorney, television host, and a former NFL cheerleader.

Net Worth

Katherine Bertsch’s total net worth is unknown. However, her youngest daughter’s estimated net worth is $5 million. This includes her income sources, brand value, and land assets.

Reason To Be Famous?

Katherine Bertsch came to the limelight and public attention as the mother of television personality, Emily Compango.

Daughters’ Success

Emily Compango

Emily started her career as a criminal defense attorney in San Francisco while leading the cheerleading team for the NFL.

After several years, she joined Fox News as a legal analyst and a contributor. She hosted the talk show named The Five. In 2021, Emily co-hosted the Outnumbered alongside Kayleigh McEnany and Harris Faulkner. Later, She hosted The FOX True Crime Podcast, from February 2023.

Natalie Compango

Natalie started her career as an actress and achieved credits for acting in several movies. She has credits in movies like Hollywood, where she played the role of Megan, and in the film The Young and the Restless, Natalie played the role of Julie.

Later, Natalie became an entrepreneur and traveled to over 80 countries. She owns The Traveler’s Bookcase, a bookstore in California.

Julietta Compagno

Julietta began her career as a parent coach, and psychologist. Her expertise is in behavior disorders, anxiety, learning disabilities, autism, and early child development. She is the co-owner of Sproutable, an online institution for helping parents.

Social Media Presence

Katherin Bertsch has no social media profile. She lives privately, however, her daughters are active on Instagram and X, formerly famous as Twitter.

Low Profile Life

Katherine spends her life in Oakland, United States, away from the fame of her daughters. She lives a low-profile life.

Lesser Known Facts

  • Katherine raised her daughters in Oakland.
  • Her husband, John, served as a Commander in the U.S. Navy Medical Corps.


Katherine Bertsch lives privately and stays out of media attention. She raised three successful daughters and now resides in Oakland with her husband.



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