Jason Siemon Biography and life history

Jason Siemon is famous for two main things. Firstly, he is famous for being an ex-professional basketball player. Secondly, his fame is because he is the ex-husband of Lara Logan, a renowned journalist, making him a celebrity spouse. In this guide, we will discuss more about Jason Siemon to understand his life, including his bio, ex-wife, career, etc. Let’s begin!

Who is Jason Siemon?

Jason Siemon is a low-life celebrity. He was born on April 18, 1971. His birth city is Lowa in the United States, making him an American national. As of 2024, Jason Siemon is 53 years old.

Jason has kept private details about his family history. He is not one to share much information about his life; even details about his childhood remain unknown. No information about his early life, including his educational background, is open. However, we know that he attended his secondary education in Lowa. However, the exact details of the institution are not known.

Jason’s Professional Career and Net Worth

Jason discovered his love and interest in basketball at a young age. He worked on his interest to develop an admirable skill in the next years. Jason was great at basketball, so he earned a full athletic scholarship that catered to his collegiate level.

After graduating from university, Jason took his basketball skills to the next level to create a professional career. Besides, his height of 6 feet 9 inches gave him an advantage in playing the sport. Although Jason is an American national, he left the United States to pursue his basketball career in Europe.

Thanks to his career, Jason has managed to play basketball in different countries, including England, Greece, and France. As a basketball player, Jason mainly played center/power forward for various European basketball clubs and solidified his career.

Jason focused on professional basketball for 12 years before quitting the game to focus on other tasks. Nonetheless, his time as a professional basketball player is worth discussing, and he made a good income from his career. Jason is estimated to have a net worth of $8,000,000 that he made from his active career.

Jason’s Marriage and Ex-Wife

Jason hit the headlines for being the ex-husband of Lara Logan, a decorated news reporter mainly referred to as journalist Lara Logan. The two met in 1998 on a beach in London. Their first encounter sparked things between them, and they started dating soon after meeting.

The two were starting their careers during this time, but they still had time to know each other more before taking their relationship seriously. They later married two months later and remained together for ten years.

Unfortunately, the couple had a bitter divorce in 2008. Although they didn’t disclose the cause of the divorce at first, it was later discovered that the divorce was because Lara Logan was having extramarital encounters with at least three men. She was even pregnant with another man, adding more bitterness to the divorce.




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