Luba Farmiga

Luba Farmiga: A Mother’s Influence and a Family’s Journey

In the captivating world of Hollywood, where actors and actresses shine under the spotlight, it’s often easy to overlook the pillars of strength and support that shape their lives behind the scenes. Luba Farmiga, the matriarch of the Farmiga family, stands as a testament to the power of family, identity, and unwavering love. This article delves into the life and background of Luba Farmiga, exploring her role as a mother, her Ukrainian roots, and the profound influence she has had on her daughters, notably acclaimed actress Vera Farmiga and rising star Taissa Farmiga.

Luba Farmiga’s Early Life and Ukrainian Heritage

Luba Farmiga’s journey begins in the late 1940s, born as Lubomyra “Luba” Spas to Ukrainian parents Nadia and Theodore Spas. Her early years were spent in New Jersey, USA, a result of her parents’ immigration to the land of dreams in 1950. However, the origins of her family’s story trace back to a period of turmoil and resilience during World War II. Luba’s parents found love amidst the chaos of a displaced persons camp in Germany, their union blossoming into marriage in the vibrant city of Munich. Their shared aspirations led them to embark on a journey to the United States, carrying with them the hopes of a better life.

Education and Professional Endeavors

Luba Farmiga’s pursuit of knowledge led her to Kean University, where she studied Early Childhood Education and Teaching, earning her degree in 1971. Armed with the power of education, Luba ventured into the realm of shaping young minds as a dedicated schoolteacher. However, her journey didn’t stop there. With determination as her compass, she transitioned into the corporate world, donning the role of a Bank Officer at National Westminster Bank. In a testament to her adaptability and versatility, she later became a Medical Records Manager at Whitehouse Station Family Medicine. Luba’s professional endeavors showcased her ability to navigate different domains with grace and expertise.

Family and Love

At the heart of Luba Farmiga’s life story lies her unbreakable bond with her husband, Michael Farmiga. A system analyst turned landscaper, Michael brought his own unique blend of skills and passions to the partnership. Together, they have weathered the storms and celebrated the joys that life has to offer. Their love story became the foundation upon which they built a family of nine, with seven children completing their loving household.

The Farmiga Offspring

Luba and Michael’s legacy is beautifully woven through their seven children: four daughters and three sons. Vera, Nadia, Taissa, Laryssa, Alexander, Victor, and Stephan each bring their own colors to the family tapestry. Among these children, Vera and Taissa Farmiga have emerged as stars in the entertainment industry. Vera’s portrayal of Lorraine Warren in the “Conjuring” series has solidified her presence as a powerful actress, while Taissa has left her mark in the realm of horror films. The world has witnessed the blossoming of talent that Luba and Michael nurtured within their family home.

Generational Bonds and Grandmotherhood

As life’s journey unfolds, new chapters are written, and Luba Farmiga embraced the role of grandmother with the same grace and dedication that characterized her motherhood. Vera’s marriage brought two grandchildren, Gytta Lubov Hawkey and Fynn Hawkey, into Luba’s life. The continuation of the family line is a testament to the enduring love that flows through generations, binding them together in a tapestry of shared experiences and cherished moments.

Ukrainian Identity and Cultural Connection

Luba Farmiga’s Ukrainian heritage and the rich tapestry of her family’s history have woven a strong thread of identity through her life and that of her daughters. Vera Farmiga’s connection to her Ukrainian roots is palpable, as she proudly identifies herself as “100% Ukrainian-American.” Her education in a Ukrainian Catholic school and her involvement as a professional Ukrainian folk dancer highlight the depth of her connection to her heritage.

Resilience and Faith

The Farmiga family’s journey isn’t just one of triumphs; it’s also a narrative of transitions. Luba Farmiga’s family underwent a significant shift in religious affiliation, transitioning from Ukrainian Greek Catholicism to Pentecostalism. This transformation speaks to the family’s ability to adapt and evolve, all while remaining steadfast in their faith. Vera Farmiga’s personal faith journey led her to identify as a nondenominational Christian, illustrating the depth of personal connection she maintains with her spirituality.

Shaping Lives: Luba Farmiga’s Influence

Luba Farmiga’s influence extends beyond the confines of her family home. Her nurturing presence, combined with her resilience and adaptability, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on her children’s lives. Vera Farmiga’s dedication to her craft, her emphasis on family values, and her unwavering support for her homeland in the face of adversity all bear the imprint of Luba’s guidance.


In the realm of Hollywood, where fame often overshadows the everyday heroes, Luba Farmiga’s story reminds us of the significance of family, heritage, and the quiet strength that shapes destinies. As Vera Farmiga’s fame continues to rise and Taissa Farmiga’s star ascends, their mother’s legacy remains woven into the fabric of their lives. Luba Farmiga’s journey from Ukrainian roots to American soil, her dedication to education and family, and her enduring influence encapsulate the essence of a life lived with purpose and love.

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