Everything We Know About Jada Vick and Her Family

Everything We Know About Jada Vick and Her Family

Who is Jada Vick? If you have this question bugging you, this post answers the question by sharing insights into who Jada Vick is and details about her family. Anyone who is an American football fan might know who Michael Vick is. Well, Jada Vick is his daughter, and she has taken up sports like her father.

Who is Jada Vick?

Jada Vick is Michael Vick’s second child. Her father is a decorated retired American football player who enjoyed the sport as a quarterback and changed the game with his excellent sporting abilities. He was mainly famous and respected for his rushing abilities. Although Michael was born and raised in a crime-ridden neighborhood, he turned things around and became a famous American football player. Thanks to his career and fame, people are curious to know about his daughter.

Jada is the second born in a family of four children. She was born on October 12, 2004. Although details surrounding her birth and early life are undisclosed, the young girl has gradually found her space as a celebrity kid. Moreover, she is into sports, and her excellence is slowly making her a star.

Jada has a brother, Mitez Vick, who is the firstborn in the family. The third born in the family is London Vick. She was born on October 19, 2007, and based on the posts shared on her Instagram, she seems to lean more toward being an artist. The last born in the family is Michael Vick Jr, born on November 20, 2017. According to a post by her mother, Kijafa, the last born was an accidental happiness that happened to her.

Career and Hobby of Jada Vick

Among all the children of Michael Vick, only Jada Vick took her father’s career path. In an interview, Michael talked about how Jada took the sporting path and played as a quarterback in South Florida despite being younger than other players.

Jada also expressed that among all sports, she found football to be the most exciting for her. She is portraying exceptional skills, and the future holds much for her. Besides, she is dating a footballer, and their sporting connection helps with their dating life. Although she has shared minimal information about her dating life, we will update any new information we get about her.

Meet Jada Vick’s Father

Michael Vick, a reputable retired American football quarterback player, is Jada’s father. He was born on June 26, 1980, in Newport News, VA. His birth sign is Cancer. Michael was an exceptional player, and his rushing abilities made him get the overall pick in different instances. During his football time, he changed the game by rushing exceptional records.

His football career mainly grew after he joined the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009. Growing up, Michael lived in a crime-ridden environment, and he would opt to go fishing as a way to escape the violence in the neighborhood. Michael has brought up his children well, and we look forward to seeing more from his family.

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