Everything About Lisa Wiehoff, Randy Johnson's Wife

Everything About Lisa Wiehoff, Randy Johnson’s Wife

Lisa Wiehoff is a celebrity wife, famous for being the wife of Randy Johnson. Lisa and Randy have been married for decades, and their close relationship shows how committed they are to each other.

Lisa Wiehoff had a successful career as a photoshop manager, but she retired and is dedicated to caring for her family. On the other hand, her husband was a professional pitcher who played in Major League Baseball for 22 years. Although Lisa is always in the limelight, she has done enough to support her husband’s career.

Lisa Wiehoff’s Bio

Lisa Wiehoff was born in 1959 in a Christian family. Despite being a celebrity wife, she loves a quiet life, explaining why she is not on social media and keeping a low profile.

The former Photoshop manager is a proud wife and mother to four children, whom she has cared for well. Lisa is a baseball fan, and it explains how she met her husband, Randy Johnson. Lisa is currently retired from her Photoshop manager job and enjoying her retirement with her husband.

Lisa Wiehoff’s Family

Lisa is a proud wife and mother of three daughters and a son. Lisa’s oldest daughter, Samantha, was born in December 1994, while her second child, Tanner, was born two years later. Willow and Alexandria are Lisa’s other children; they were born in April 1998 and December 1999, respectively.

Lisa’s children are doing well, and Willow is playing volleyball for AZ Storm while her brother Tanner is pursuing his degree from the University of Arizona. Although Samantha’s career is unknown, Tanner followed his father’s footsteps and is playing baseball for the San Francisco Giants.

Lisa Wiehoff is private, making it tough to know her family background. There have been no records of Lisa’s parents and siblings because she keeps everything away from the limelight.

Lisa Wiehoff’s Husband

Lisa Wiehoff’s husband is a former professional baseball player who made history in his career. Randy Johnson played 22 seasons in MLB and retired in 2009, going into photography. Johnson was born in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, California, and realized he could play baseball and basketball in high school.

While entering high school, he was a star in basketball and basketball. As a result of his hard work, he got a full athletic scholarship to play baseball for the University of Southern California. While in college, he also doubled in basketball for two years.

Randy Johnson retired from professional baseball in 2010 and entered photography. Johnson had studied Photojournalism in college, and it seems his love for photography never died. He has done photography work for NFL games.

Lisa Wiehoff’s Marriage

Lisa Wiehoff is a married woman who has been married for over two decades. Lisa met her husband in 1985 at a golf event while Johnson worked with the organization. Although little is known of how the affair started, they dated for eight years before tying the knot.

Lisa and Johnson walked down the aisle in 1993 and became a family. Since then, Lisa has had four children and is a loving stepmother to Johnson’s daughter from a previous relationship.

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