Evelyn Penn Willis – Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, and Fame

If you are into movies, it’s likely that Bruce Willis is not a new name. He is an American actor and his thrilling acting has earned him fame in the acting industry. As a movie star, fans are curious about his family. Although Bruce Willis has five children, this post focuses on one of his daughters, Evelyn Penn Willis. The young celebrity kid is drawing attention and more about her is detailed in this post.

Biography of Evelyn Penn Willis

Evelyn Penn Willis is the daughter of Bruce Willis. Her mother is Emma Heming Willis and is the second wife of the American actor. Evelyn was born on May 5, 2014, and her parents have been married since 2009. Her parents have two children and she is the youngest. She also has three half-siblings from her father’s first marriage.

Evelyn’s birth sign is Taurus and her ethnicity is white American. The celebrity kid was born in Los Angeles, California. She has four siblings, Mabel Ray, Scout, Rumer, and Tallulah Willis. Evelyn is a British courtesy of her mother. She shares different heritage, including German and Indo-Guyanese.

Evelyn’s paternal grandmother was a German while her maternal grandmother is an Indo-Guyanese. Details about her education are unknown. Her parents have not shared which school she attends and what her hobbies are.

Career and Net Worth

Evelyn is lucky to have celebrity parents. Her father is a legendary actor and her mother is a model and actress. She has featured in different magazines, such as Glamour and Elle. Her father has appeared in hit films, such as Die Hard.

As for Evelyn, she is still a young girl and is only 10 years old as of 2024. Therefore, her career is yet to be established. She is yet to find what career suits her best and we look forward to seeing if she will follow her parent’s path. Whether she chooses to take the acting path or be a model, only time will tell.

Evelyn’s Birthday

Evelyn’s parents are keen on her birthday. Every May 5th, they plan something to ensure her birthday is memorable. The young girl loves celebrating her birthdays with her parents and family. Evelyn has received different gifts in her past birthdays.

She has managed to create memorable moments so far. For instance, in 2015, that’s when she enjoyed her first birthday and the event had plenty of cupcakes, flowers, etc. In 2017, she participated in games and had a magical cake to celebrate her birthday. In 2020, she enjoyed a quarantine-style party with plenty of cards, homemade cake, and candles.

Who are Evelyn’s Parents?

Evelyn is the daughter of Bruce Willis and Emma Heming. Her parents married on March 21, 2009, in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. It was the second marriage for her father. He was first married in 1987 and divorced in 2000.

Evelyn’s father is a renowned actor while her mother is a British-American model, producer, actress, and entrepreneur. The couples have a combined net worth of $250 million.



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